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Pay off mortgage asap

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How have I been getting on......

Since going back to work I have paid off £500 extra per month! Now it is the norm so it is not so painful – need to keep it up with extra nursery fees now though!

Also not touched any of J’s redundancy….so when we come off the fixed term it will all go into the pot!

Maternity pay

Gawd ….just got my first mat pay through this month – so littl….but, I am going to see this as a positive and try and live and save from this ammount because when I go back to work it will be alot easier to save up the extra 500 per month.


So we are having students staying with us. Two a week and on average 2 weeks a month. It would be great to be able to keep this up because they bring in £25 per day (£12.50)each. They will pay for our holiday this year and Jasons 40th celebrations but, it would be great to have some saved to start paying the extra £500 per month from Dec onwards – especailly as we have had the payment holiday this year.

Ma and Pa have 3 students at a time and said it was ok – might give it a try…...Will phone the school this week.

Where do I start.....,.

I have always wanted to do this but, have been stupid with my money for years. I am on Maternity leave this year so maybe not the best year to start. It has made me think that I can survive on less then I have before so I will try and keep up the good practice.

I would like to pay off at least 6 months per year an extra £500 on each of those months with holidays too. This can only start from Dec 09 when I go back to work but, I am going to try and get the best practices in to start off with.

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