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Take more pictures

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I’m borrowing a camera for the holidays and snapping away. I have friends in greece and brazil that i have not seen in some time. they are dying for pics and Damn it, I’m going to give them some.


It’s somewhere in the back of my head that i need to get a camera. I haven’t forgotten about this one. But, i want a digital and as always, i am broke.

I have ideas

but no camera, yet


I can’t even figure out what kind of camera I want to use. Plus, I am broke. As usual.


i’ve taken a few b&w photo classes and ended up frustrated and afraid to take bad pictures. this only led to not taking pictures at all. my goal is to shed this fear by getting a junkie camera and taking a gazillion pictures. my friend and i spent all day last friday with disposable cameras. we were surprised at how much we enjoyed ourselves.

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