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identify 100 things that make me happy.

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35. Feeling my daughter for the first time once she’d been born.
36. Seeing my daughter’s wide eyes looking up at me
37. That my daughter seems to prefer mummy milk over formula, despite both coming from a bottle
38. The sight of my daughter in a fresh outfit for the day, or a fresh baby grow of a night
39. The feeling of my daughter being so content laying on my chest with her legs tucked up and arms tucked in.
40. Seeing my daughter’s smile (I’ve been told it’s just wind, but I don’t care, it’s a smile to my eyes!)

34. Feeling my daughter move

34. Feeling my daughter move in my belly is such an amazing feeling. I imagine her stretching out or wiggling in there and it makes me beam with happiness. Knowing she is safe and comfortable with me 24/7 is a good feeling. I love that her kicks are stronger now because that shows me she is growing big, strong and healthy :D

33. Seeing my baby move

33. Seeing my baby for the first time today was amazing. Baby jumped around a few times and had it’s hands up by it’s face.

This pregnancy and my baby finally seems real, and I am getting really excited even though I know I have a long way to go.

Despite baby-daddy not seeming to care, I will not be brought down. This is my baby and I will love it more than anyone else in the world ever could. We will fair splendid together, and I can’t wait!

32. Having my family support me

32. I told my family I was pregnant last night and instead of the negatively shocked reaction I was expecting, I got all round support and excitement. It made me so happy hearing everyone say they would support me, and getting excited for me :)

31. Laying in bed at night listening to the rain

31. laying in bed at night when its raining outside makes me feel peaceful and happy. Love it.

30. The EDF Energy orange mascot

30. The way that the EDF energy orange mascot moves to the song on the back of the dog in the advert for the Blue Price Promise.

29. Opening up a new cosmetic/toiletry

29. I love opening up a new tub of something. I love touching the new outside packaging, the novelty of the new product container, the first smell of the product itself and the newness of the general usage.

~ ~ ~

Tonight I opened up a new Night Moisturiser: Avon Anew Reversalist Renewing Night Cream. It had cellophane on the outside of the deep red cardboard box. The product container was weighty red glass with a silver lid, in a conical frustum type shape. The fragrance was delicate yet person-like.

28. Adding money to my savings

28. Adding money to my saving account.

However small amount, seeing it go up a little makes me happy.


27. Getting into a heated bed


26. Flying a kite

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