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learn how to drive stick

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I think I can Do it;-)

Well yesterday I just traded my car in and bought a new eclipse and it’s a stick shift!! The only thing(I never drove Stick)) I know, it sounds SOOOO Dumb, plus the car I traded in was an Automatic. My fiance said that if I can learn to drive stick, then he would buy it, and I said”Ohh, I’m a fast learner” So now I have this new car, and I can’t drive it yet;-( I get so nervous when I’m driving seems soo hard!! I feel like such a dumb a** for even thinking I could learn so fast. It has only been a day of practice, and my fiance says I did Ok!! I just can’t wait until the day where I’m Really good at driving stick, and I look back and say ” I can’t believe I thought I’d never drive stick” I just hope I’ll learn fast!!

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