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love like I've never been hurt

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and here i am again.

i was doing fine. i don’t know if it’s me working 40 hours and going to school full time and this damn cancer or what the hell it is, but I am getting so depressed. Depressed and INSECURE. My boyfriend is the most trustworthy guy I have ever known. he is my best friend, and now I am being irrational. Thinking things that I shoulnd’t be thinking and getting myself upset. Why can’t I just forget the past. Forget what I have been through and love with an open heart. I know we both deserve this shot at happiness.

we'll see

I want to be able to trust my boyfriend as he’s a great guy and I have no reason not to completely trust him. I can’t let my past hurt and betrayal run such a wonderful thing into the ground…we both deserve better than that.

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