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Well see here's the deal

I was blessed with a fast metabolism. I’ve never had to work at being skinny. I just am. (Minus my “fluffy” that comes from my lack of exercise.) If I exercised even a little, I could probably be tone and cut. But I hate to exercise. So I live with the little tummy I have, and am completely happy with the rest of me.

The only kind of exercise I really have ever engaged in was dancing. I LOVE to dance but haven’t been actively doing so. (Dance classes – not club dancing!)

BUT lately my body has said ENOUGH BAD FOOD… I am feeling bogged down and just plain gross. And as much as I don’t want to exercise and eat healthy – my body is kind of making me at this point. I feel terrible otherwise and have no energy.

I just joined a dance team – and since I LOVE to dance, I figure this is a great opportunity to get in shape. Practices don’t start till the middle of March – but I have 4 hour practices every Saturday. That should make me feel better. (Although I’m sure after the first few I will HURT LIKE HECK!) I’m super duperly excited though, cuz what better way to get in shape then by doing what you love!

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