Brocair in Herefordshire is doing 31 things including…

Get a job that makes me very happy, fulfilled and pays really well

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What I will really do is...

Make this the job i already have, and shape it the way I need it to be.


The MD of the company rang me up and offered me the job this afternoon and I accepted! Great stuff!

Another Interview

An interview with a different company today. Still waiting to hear a result from the first set, hopefully I will still hear about that on Friday. Longer drive to this one so I’ll try an make myself look human and get going!

Agency Call

Had a call from the agency telling me that the company called them very soon after seeing me telling them that they wanted to agree terms and conditions with them. They see this as a good sign that they want to make me an offer. Well, looks good, lets see, roll on Friday!

Third Interview

This went quite well at least I think so. I should hear from them by Friday. Let’shope Friday is good news day!

Third Interview

Just had a call from the MD of the company. They want to see me again with their CEO, meeting them first thing tomorrow morning. Hope all goes well!

Second Interview

Second interview today. Went reasonably well, better than I expected anyway. Should hear something one way or another by Friday. Hopefully something positive will come out of it. We’ll see!

Interview tomorrow at 8:30 am

Trying to think about what I’ll have to say tomorrow. Well, right now I just hope all goes well!

Second Interview

The agency called this morning, and I have a second interview on Monday with the MD of the company. Hopefully all will go well!

Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting

Not heard anything from the agency or the company yet…..................

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