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become anorexic


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binge CURE

when u know u r about to binge and gorge urself on everything in site, i have a solution
Since its a water based fruit, u can eat it all day, and not gain any weight, since its like water—-kinda just come out!

have fun, hope this helps


starting my fast tomorrow
wish me luck haha

btw, when u purge, how do u fight off that feeling in the back of ur throat, and the acid, do u just brush ur teeth?

need encouragement

had to eat most of the weekend, my parents. so i need help to keep from eating, pics, comments, anything, plz

if ur bored

email me, any questions just ask, i want to have more friends, and be understood, none of my friends would like this, idk y

what ur fighting against

in case you need some encouragement
well, the pic says it all


ive often heard women say that there husbands though twiggy (a beautiful super model) was way to thin. that is crazy! shes so beautiful! i envy her all the time (im including a pic)
and u know that their husbands r lieing, becuz they also think nicole & mary-kate r hott


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