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lose weight

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Listed myself up in the gym

I’m going 2-3 times a week, it’s very expensive but so “comfortable” that it actually makes exercising fun, something I never thought of! I still don’t do as much as I should, it’s only once a week that I’ve been able to do an hour, the rest of times I arrive so late that I can only do half an hour, but even so I’ve lost my first two kilos after only two weeks! The last 2 weeks I lost considerably less, but probably because I’m now rewarding myself with chocolate lol…

On and off

Have continued doing my 20 min on and off, when I haven’t slept much or am not feeling well I don’t bother, but I still do it at least twice a week, usually every second or third day.

Days that I don’t, I often go swimming or a half hour brisk walk. I don’t see that I have actually lost weight, but “things look a little bit more in their place”, if that makes sense.

Did my 20 min today

Phew, first time in… well, to tell you the truth, I don’t know if I have ever done 20 min non-stop on the step machine. I’m proud of myself! Let’s see if I can do it tomorrow too!

Goal - company party hourglass!

I’ve realised that I have 25 days until this, so this would be an intermediate goal that I believe is attainable. I did my 15 min step challenge today, and I actually think I could now do more, I have “accepted this healthy habit” quite well. My weight right now is 67k, I´ll try to get down to the 58 I was relatively happy with (although to be truthful, my ideal will still be 55). It’s almost then kilos in less than a month, I so want to do this! I’ll try to go for the 20 min on the step machine with some streched and stomach curls too. God please help me! I know you´re there!

Healthy Lifestyle

I’ve already gone through the first steps; reducing my junk food intake and my pseudo-workout – between 5 and 15 mins of step machine, followed by a hearty shower and rubdown every day. May not seem like much, but it’s a lot for this former couch potato! When I had a cold I didn’t exercise for 2 days though, tried since to keep up the good work. I think it’s working, but just so little by little it’s barely noticeable.

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