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Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I'm grateful.


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1. Grateful that I realize that I actually change alot since last year

2.That I finally got 1000 dolllars saved up in my savings

3. That I haven’t bitten my nails in 7 days

4. That Ed fix my collar of my shirt, and he said that I smell good

5.Red bulls


1. I got my hair perm

2. I brought a spanking new winter coat, I think this is the only time where I could actually afford a winter coat for myself

3. Ed said that I look good working at Starbuck. Which means I look good in my uniform (blushing)

4.I am 50 bucks into finally having 1000 dollars saved up

5.I finally had a reason to wear my bomber jacket


1. That I did my math homework

2. The little moments, that happen in the day where u just smile for reason at all

3. Stridex Maximum

4. New pillowcase



1. Tom Hanks, he was brilliant in the movie Forrest Grump

2. The quote, “get busy Living or Get Busy Dying, you Goddamn Right”

3.That I took out my piercing before it would of gotten worst

4.Scented Candles



1. That my boyfriend puts up with my bad temper

2. I got new work shoes

3. I’m close to having a thousands dollars in my saving

4. How even through people are so hurt, and angry they can still find the goodness in life

5. I work at Starbucks tomorow


1. That I have a boyfriend that is willing to go with any of my crazy schemes

2. That I get paid on Friday

3. I found my ghost buster shirt that mysteriously disappeared for 5 month

4. That even though I don’t get a lot of hours at work, that I still have a job

5. The color pink


1.That I’m close to having a 1000 dollars saved up

2. Having $9.24 in my checking

3. Having a job, so even through I don’t get alot of hours I still have money in my pocket

4.Having good credit well actually fair credit

5.Putting my contacts in without any hassle


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