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I was roaming the internet, and I often fall into the trap of reading comments. I tell myself I won’t, but then I do, and I waste time, only to feel bad about it afterwards. The bad feeling doesn’t happen all the time, but more often than not.

Anyways, I realized when I came back to this site that I rarely (and no time in particular that I can think of) feel bad after reading comments and conversations that happen on this site. It’s been an unsaid goal of mine to be more brave about saying things on the internet (I never got that feeling of bravery that comes from anonymity). I feel that this site has helped me with this, because it feels so safe to post here. I contribute the most here, second only to my own site, ( but I have commented and contributed to other sites more, thanks to this site. Well, this site and the many other things that have happened this year. It’s been a long, tiring, exciting year. But that’s a whole other thing. But I shouldn’t get too sidetracked here. This is all about why I like coming to 43things.

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