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be a better listener

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Listening progress

I feel that since I added this goal, I have gotten much better at both listening and understanding. I still have issues, particularly when I’m frustrated. One part of this which seems to be drastically better is listening to my fiance when he is telling me something that he is really excited about. It was very easy to not pay attention to anything he would be saying because
1) he would be talking so fast
2) I wasn’t nearly as excited
3) he was so adorable while doing this, that I sometimes paid attention to his mannerisms rather than his words.

Now, I make him slow down when he’s talking too fast before I miss too much, and I (usually) can focus on what he’s saying. I also need to make him slow down a lot less because he is more aware when he starts doing it. We both get a lot less frustrated because of this.

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