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Thank you

I don’t know where I can post this but I just have to share it. I didn’t do anything instead many are helping my family.

We have asked so many people that we know of, family, friends, hospital doctors, nurses, and staff and other people that we just met, caring strangers, and friends of friends, to pray for my sister-in-law who has gone through a brain surgery and fighting to survive, and for my brother, her husband and their young boy.
I am so overwhelmed how many people have loving hearts and caring souls, how they reached out and offered to pray for her. I am so touched how many people offered their help by cooking for us and taking turns in the hospital to watch over her.
The only thing I can do in return is pray for them as well. Prayers are being heard. God is listening. I know this. I’ve seen it through her. Kindness and compassion still live in everyone’s heart. Faith is still alive.

2 Berry Sundaes for 6 cents

I was waiting in line at Sam’s Club cafe to get 2 Berry Sundaes for at least 10 mins. The teen in front of me wanted a smoothie but she needed 6 more cents. Only 6cents. She was looking for her dad to get it. So I stopped her before she was about to run and gave her what she needed.
I know my entry doesn’t really count since she knew about it. It still felt really nice that I was able to be there to give her 6cents. So there I was ordering my Sundaes, and the guy told me that the Sundae machine was out of order.

10 minutes wait. no Sundaes. 6 cents. worth it.

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