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lose 10 lbs


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Well I havent been running or watching my diet for the past couple of days because I was in Vegas since Wed! I started running again, I can run 2 miles in 19 min. I am still at 180. When I run, I have my Ipod with me. My last run playlist goes as follows:

Damage Inc – Metallica
20th Century Boy- T Rex
Sunday Morning – The Velvet Underground
My Old School – Steely Dan
Where Eagles Dare – Iron Maiden
City of Tiny Lights – Frank Zappa

Whats yours?

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Well I started running today for my first time in a while. I have never really been a runner to say. I play hockey 2 times a week so I thought I would try running 2 miles today. It was cold this morning I live in Michigan so I think it was about 30 degrees out. My lungs started to burn after the first hour. I dont know why, if it was becasue of the cold or if I wasnt in shape or both. My legs and everything else was fine, anyways I hope to keep this going and not quit after a week lol.


I was at 165lbs about 2 years ago. I worked out 2 days a week the whole summer with a personal trainer. Since then, I finished college, but I gained 15 lbs back up to 180. I guess thats what happens when you do nothing, sit around and eat raman noodles all day.


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