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backpack through Europe

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I just arrived home today after a month of backpacking. When I slung my backpack over my shoulder and treked up the stairs to my apartment in a sweater with a bathing suit top underneath as a bra and the same pants I had on four days ago, I realized I was a different person.


Im in Amsterdam! We flew into London and then Eindhoven a week later, and took a train up from there. I’m paying out of my ass for this internet cafe (in a coffee shop), but so far this has been the trip of a lifetime and we’ve yet to hit Prague, Italy, France, or Spain!!!

tentative itinerary

I booked a hostel in london from the 25th to the 29th of May. I booked plane tickets to contintental Europe on the 30th that will take us into Eindhoven in the Netherlands. I have a hostel booked for that night after which my brother and I will activate our 21 days Eurail passes by taking the train to Amsterdam. From here we will go to Prague, Italy, France, and Spain before returning to London via RyanAir for $30 for the both of us, instead of the $300 chunnel tickets would have cost…..hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I bought an International Student ID card for myself and my brother and the plane tickets. Next week is spring break and Im gonna take him shopping for a backpack and other things. Im working out an itinerary based on some people I know who are staying over there in London, Spain, Germany, and Italy. IM DOING IT!

I bought plane tickets!!!

So i went in to STA Travel a few hours ago just to see what was up and they were having an amazing deal today only on airfare SOOO I ended up buying myself and my brother a round trip flight into London for a total of $695. Freaking amazing deal!! Im leaving on May 24th and returning on June 22. It’s official….Im going!


Im really worried because there were a few people who said they were interested in coming but now it’s looking like nobody’s going to be able to. I really dont want to go alone. This is really the only obstacle right now…


The money situation is shaping up nicely. i need to start looking into plane tickets and dates. oh happy days.


I turned 18 in April and took a two week EF Tour of Western Europe this summer. It gave me a taste of Europe and got all the touristy stuff out of the way, but the whole time I kept thinking how much more fun i would be having if I were just there with a few friends instead of 30 people on such a structured trip. I have saved up about another $4000 so far and I am planning on going backpacking summer 2006 for a month with one or two friends. Wish me luck!

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