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get in shape, and stay there

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Trying to take this "long term" approach more seriously.

Lately I’ve been honed in on “sugar free” diets and the like. The problem with these is that I start thinking “short term” – which also translates to binges that I’ll “get over” and re-start eating well the next day. I’m trying to focus on a longer term for health and eating well and taking care of my body physically.

The past three months have been dedicated to fixing my back, which I am really happy about the progress of. Now my focus is going to be walking – I want to make walking something like a ritual, just as important as the destination (if not more so.) I also have two free months of gym membership (I wuv my grandmother) so some strength training is in order – nothing too strenuous, I’m aiming for twice a week, though I’ll go three times if I can swing it.

I have a lot of work to do this year...

First, I need to eat better.

My back is killing me – I need to learn how to fix it and then keep it fixed.

Then I need to go to the gym regularly.

In 2008 I’ll be going abroad. I want to be feeling my best when I do.

Beefy arms

I’ve been working out sporadically over the past month, about once or twice a week. Not much, but enough for me to see my muscles tightening up a bit and my strength improving. I used to struggle to do 12 push-ups (from the knees), now I can do 15-20. For the school year I’ll be pushing for a minimum of twice a week, with an optional third day.

Starting next week (Thursday, 09/07) I’m going to come up with a definitive exercise plan, using my stability ball for leg exercises (I’ve slacked off on them, concentrating on upper-body.)

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