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Improve my singing (range, pitch accuracy, tone) and emote better

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All I want in this world...

... is to sing like Michael McDonald. Is that so much to ask?

My walk to school might be a good time to get some singing in. I walk through highway/woodland every day, twice on some days. It’d also force me to be really effective with my breathing, since I walk at a pretty swift pace.

Feeling more confident

I’ve gotta say: Joni Mitchell songs are GREAT voice training. I have been working on playing and singing “Free Man in Paris”, which goes ALL over the place in terms of pitch – you have to hit notes right on the button, because they’re so central to whatever quirky chord you’re playing.

I am starting to feel more confident about my singing. Though I’ve gotta say that I hadn’t really realized before how crucial a warm-up is. Wow. What a difference!

Singing, shower-style!

I’ve been singing for my whole life – I come from a musical family, my parents both are / have been professional musicians and getting together to “jam” is a relatively common thing. Blood harmonies are amazing – I can usually pick out a harmony and sing it with no problem.

What I want to work on is singing solo – being able to carry a song, improving my pitch and range. I want to be able to really get “under” lower notes, and hit high notes without losing tone and accuracy. If I can do all of that and still engage listeners emotionally, I will be extremely happy.

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