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wake up when my alarm clock goes off

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Cassaclyzm has written 5 entries about this goal

I did it!

This morning I got up when the alarm clock went off. I didn’t even hit “snooze” ONCE. I’m getting up particularly early tomorrow so hopefully this trend will hold. (Am slightly worried, however, because I should be in bed right now and am not particularly tired. I need to get my sleep schedule turned around, pronto.)

I STILL have trouble with this

I find it hard to make myself get out of bed. This is partly the fault of frequent changes in my sleep-wake cycle. Once I start going to bed at a regular hour and getting up at a regular time I probably won’t need my alarm clock at all.

I woke up this morning!

And I only hit the snooze button twice! Amazing, I know.

I had moved my clock across the room, but that didn’t really help – I just stumbled back into bed. Now it’s next to my head again. Maybe the jarring closeness of it will help (and the fact that my cat now sleeps with me, and it wakes HIM up.)

Getting better...

This is going to be a long road, I think.

I hate, hate getting up in the morning. I like my bed. My bed is a happy place. My bed likes me. My bed doesn’t want me to leave it all alone, with nothing but my body pillow to keep it company all day.

Grumpy grump grump.

You know what helps?

Having a cuddly, needy cat who refuses to let me go back to sleep once he knows I’m awake. Maybe I’ll write a haiku about it.

My alarm goes off;
Kitty enters, purr purr purr,
Now I am awake.

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