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Ok, So this is a little more difficult than what I had originally thought it would be. I’m still trying though, I do’t want to let them get the best of me!

I wonder

This one is a little deep for me. Its a congealed mess of emotions, and when you stop and think about it, you’re the one in control of it all. But how, you ask yourself, does one get over the feeling of betrayal, caused by those that you never thought would shaft you? I myself fon’t know, but I know that the longer you hold onto these feelings, the more you hold yourself back. I’ve been letting go, slowly,and over time, I can honestly say that I’m feeling better. I’m happier, thats forsure. The time that I spend worrying over what people are doing, what they’re saying, can be well spent elsewhere. I can’t truly say that I have let go completely, but let the healing begin. It’s only going to make us better and stronger, right? So for those hurt souls, the ones who spend lonely nights crying in your pillow, chin up. Somewhere, there’s someone waiting for you who’s going to make up for all the time you spent crying by making it their daily mission to see you smile. Love ya!

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