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Save at least $800 each month


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Doing well but could do better

I’m generally meeting or exceeding my goal of $800 a month so far, (aiming towards a house downpayment) mainly because I take the money out immediately from each paycheck on payday. But I know I could do it better. Since I started saving money, it’s been a lot harder to keep my VISA bill paid off or low, and I’ve been hitting the overdraft much more often just before the next payday. My budget should leave me quite enough spending money to be happy, but frankly my spending habits are terrible!

I know what I need to cut down on –
  • eating out, especially from work and especially out of laziness
  • impulse purchases, especially clothes and gadgety stuff

But it’s so hard to change the patterns of a lifetime.

I need to change something – either my spending habits or the amount I’m putting into savings, because the interest I’m earning on the savings is not going to equal that growing on the credit card. If nothing shows up on the house market that I want soon, I’ll go ahead and skip a savings payment or two and pay off the visa. I also need to stop carrying it with me!

Wish me luck…


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