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stop biting my nails

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AH. So I bulit up an allergy to acrylic, which apparently happens, but is not common. Soooo I’m just sticking fake plastic ones on with nail glue.

They’re actually working just as well…. the thing is, if I bit the acrylics a little, they’d break, but if I bite these, the whole thing falls off which is annoying so I havent been doing it. PLUS I’m saving money. A pack with glue costs $20 and can last me two weeks or more… Acrylics were costing me $40 for about 1.5 weeks plus money to bus there.

Wow, long entry :P

been a couple of months

it’s been a couple of months with acrylics and when one falls off i can see how long my actual nails are. some are past the end of my finger! :O


I got acrylics almost 4 weeks ago so it’s been impossible to bite my nails :D I’ve been biting since I’ve had teeth and my nails have never gotten past like 1cm so this definitely works!!


Have only bitten my right pointer nail (frist day back at uni) and my left thumb nail (at work tonight) other than that, no biting in 6 days


I bought $50 worth of stuff to stop me biting my nails. Can’t remember if I added an entry about that or not but anyway I haven’t bitten ANY of them in 4 days!!!

That’s the best I’ve done in years.


No sooner had I decided I could finally do this that I wrecked it. I chose my protected nail and painted it a pink colour so I’d remember… I was doing okay then I went to see my boyfriend and chewed it half off.


Okay I’ve started a fresh on this AGAIN. Been biting for about 17 years now…

I’ve put aside a protected finger. My right pinky so if I need to bite I’ll choose another.. I’m slowly gonna do this :)

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