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Try a 7 day junk food free diet

8 cheers


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Celtic Christian has written 8 entries about this goal

the aftermath

Weighted myself this morning and I was down to 270.5 pounds from the 274 that I was at before I started. Now I just need to figure out a good way to keep it up as the whole week without was difficult and I know if I try to keep it up much longer without moderate and controlled releases I’m just setting myself up for a massive junk food binge sometime in the near future.


Brunch (sleeping in on another class free day)
Ham sandwich


Dinner (at home I had no say over the menu)
deep fried Fish and Chips


English Muffin with strawberry jam

Can of Slim Fast
Carrot Sticks
Pepper Slices

Baked Chicken sandwich


Brunch (class free day and I slept till 1)
Ham Hoagie

Bread stick
2 slices of Pizza


Skim Milk

Hot dog

Mid Afternoon Snack
Carrot sticks & Pepper slices

Ham and Cheese sandwich


Skim Milk

can of Slim Fast
Carrot Sticks
Pepper slices

Chicken Sandwich

Gala Apple
a few Ritz Crackers

I didn’t bother noting calorie free beverages but I also drank multiple cups of tea without sugar and spring water.

and so it begins

Just weighted myself and I was 274 pounds. Honestly I don’t know how much weight that it is reasonable to expect to loose this week but I’d be satisfied with 2 pounds and extremely happy with anything more.

What I hope to accomplish

Nothing extreme here just a completely junk food free week with an emphasis on getting in more fiber, fruits and vegetables. Pretty much oatmeal for breakfast every day of the week which will be a push as I rarely eat it. Only using the 100% whole grain breads and aiming to replace a few lunches with vegetable soup as compared to my normal bratwursts or overstuffed sandwiches. I know that this is going to be hard but should be doable, although I may be forced to chose the “lesser of the evils” at the party that I’ll be attending this week.

Celtic Christian has gotten 8 cheers on this goal.


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