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Join Mensa

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Join American Mensa     where bright people like you go to connect

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New test

New test rescheduled for the 8th. I’ll be fit, well and attending this time!


Missed the supervised test due to illness, but will re-schedule =D

Supervised test

My supervised test is now booked for the 17th of November at Birkbeck College.



I’ll be going to a supervised test in either November or December. Wish me luck!

I'm a part of the top 3%, apparently.

My home test results came back today. Here are the results:

My home test mark was 143
My percentile score was the top 3%

Higher than I expected. Supervised test here I come!

My head hurts

Home test done, and currently sitting in an envelope ready to be sent off.

It’s just a case of sitting around for 21 days waiting for the result with my fingers crossed now.

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