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CharlieCharlie in Denver is doing 4 things including…

toilet train my cat

6 cheers


CharlieCharlie has written 35 entries about this goal

I give up for now

After about a year or so of trying, Charlie will still regress with #2. He is still 100% with #1. Since I will be going on vacation in a few weeks and will be gone for about two weeks I decided to bring the ole litter box back for now. I need him to poop consistently in the same area. Then in time, maybe I will try again. But for now I can’t seem to deter him from pooping on the floor. I still think it is worth it so Good Luck to all!

It has been over a month

and Charlie has been 100% with both #1 and #2. (I sure hope I do not jinx it by writing this.) He has the green disk on his Litter Kwitter and the sandpaper worked well for “digging” So no more litter. I just might leave the green disk on for a while, just because he uses it to balance his back paw. Only 3 paws on the seat… But I really think we are as close as we can get. Wish us continued success!

The Sandpaper seems to be working!

So a couple of weeks ago – I taped 4 strips of sandpaper to the last ring of the Litter Kwitter. I used carpet tape. Then I placed about a tablespoon of litter.(I did remove the litter container in the bathroom so that there are no “memories” of litter) Last Saturday, I rinsed the green ring out, but I kept the same sandpaper intact. (Luckily Charlie has pretty good aim and the green ring was not dirty) Then I put about half a tablespoon of litter. Today there is hardly any litter and Charlie has been using the toilet for #1 and #2. Hurray! I think the sandpaper gives him the sensation of litter. This Saturday I will rinse out the ring again, but I will not put any litter.

Wish us luck!

*A Litter Intervention is needed!*

Charlie is still on the green disk and there is about 1 tablespoon of litter. Today after I cleaned the LK – I put Charlie on the toilet. He did scratch at it, but then he looked at me as gave me this look of “Where’s my litter” and he jumped off. I gave in and put about a tablespoon of litter. He promptly jumped up, threw the litter around and went #2. A litter intervention is needed!

He is still one paw shy of 4 paws on the seat. Let’s see how things go this week as I will be out of town for a few days. After Thanksgiving I think I will try sandpaper..

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL! I am THANKFUL I do not have a litterbox to clean – even though I have to vacuum litter everday – LOL


P.S. If you look carefully at the picture – I captured the trickle of tinkle!

Charlie will get There!

Little by Little we are getting there! Charlie did have an “accident” with #2 on Monday 10/23. But I don’t think it was because he did not have enough litter or that his Litter Kwitter is not sturdy enough. I think he did it because I removed the plastic carpet protector and the floor became enticing. On the other hand, maybe he just had an attitude! Who knows?! He went back to using the toilet the next day and the next.

The good news is that he now has 3 paws on the seat!

Nonetheless – Little by Little we keep forging on!

So far so Good!

So it has been a while since Charlie has left a brown package on the floor! I really believe that the switch to the LK was just what he needed especially since he prefers the toilet seat up. Charlie is on the green disk and final disk. The most noticable change is that he makes less of a fuss or production with the digging. It seemed like he was digging to find a comfortable spot to squat. Charlie has even passed up getting a treat after doing the deed. We still need to work on:

1. The litter dependency, he is down to about 2 tablespoons of litter.

2. All 4 paws on the seat. He still pees with his back paws towards the back. When he poops he keeps 1 back paw back as well.

Cross your paws – It will be worth it!

I made the switch

I switched from the CK to the Litter Kwitter. Why? Charlie still needs some work with all 4 paws on the seat. I also think that the LK is sturdier than the CK (also more $)But at least now I don’t have a duct taped CK and I can lift the LK to use the bathroom. I think that the CK worked well enough to get us to this point, but my goal is to have no brown packages on the floor and to be litter free. So far so good – no brown pakages since I made the switch on 9/23. Granted its only been 5 days, but I am hopeful. Wish us luck!

Sept 18, 2006 - Another Brown Package!

AARGH!!! So on Sunday – I cleaned Charlie’s bathroom. Nothing changed except that I moved the plastic runner away from the door exposing a little more tile than usual. Sure enough when I came home from work. Charlie left a package plus his bathroom door was closed! Not sure if he did it intentionally, but I would not hold it passed him! So I cleaned the mess and moved the plastic runner closer to the door. I also blocked the other side.

Cross your paws and wish us luck!

Back on Track?!

I sure hope so! So after a weekend of Poop Patrol, Charlie has been going #2 in the toilet on his own since Sept 11.

This time I covered the floor with a plastic carpet runner – pokey side up. You see my Charlie has defied everything, so each time he has regressed – I try to find a new obstacle. He could sinff the litter through the plastic shelf liners and they no longer became a deterrant. He started to poop right on top of the shelf liners.

Cross your paws!

Yes - the movie star has regressed again! ARGH!

Charlie has pooped on the floor 3 times this week. ARGH!! This time I am not sure what his issue is. So I am thinking of changing his diet a bit. I will start by adding more moist food to his diet. He is still peeing 100% in the toilet. But he will find the smallest piece of uncovered tile to poop on. At least the little stinker will keep it in his bathroom. So it is back on Poop Patrol for me.

I got this from the Yahoo group – thought you all might enjoy it:

You know you are Toilet Training a cat when you feel…

Anticipation… this is going to be fun!
Stupidity… this is going to be easy.
Excitement… mine can do this, see how so many other cats can do it.
Questioning… How clean is clean?
Weary… this is getting hard.
Doubting… This is a silly idea
Boredom….this is getting old
Disappointment…Why are they having mistakes?
Angry… I have done everything, why won’t they go #2?!
Frustrated… I have bought/made every contraption, they still defy me.
Apprehension… They are doing this on purpose to upset me.
Defeated… how hard can this be?
Doubt… I’m failing toilet training school
Determination… I have the opposable thumbs.
Shocked…. He nearly did #1 in the shower as soon as I stepped out of it!
Cunning… I brought out the ‘big guns’, CRATES/motion sensor!
Grateful… Thank heavens for some respite from the cleaning
Relief… I need sleep! I’m not getting up for them tonight.
Cruising… Waiting to see what happens now
Disgusted… litter is EVERYWHERE! And hating litter on the floor is my reason for TTing!
Ecstatic…he’s standing on the seat and going!
Weird…am I talking about my cat’s bowels too often?
Relieved…coz the house always smells clean for visitors.
Smug…coz I flush and it’s done. No LB to clean, no heavy, expensive litter to buy and lug home. All those nay-sayers are home scooping #2, and I’m NOT. Who has the last laugh? :0

CharlieCharlie has gotten 6 cheers on this goal.


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