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Use my free time better

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Good use of lunch.

Today, I brought something with me to do at lunchtime. I brought a load of paperwork and a file that I had been meaning to organise for a couple of weeks but just hadn’t been doing. Bringing it into the office with the set idea of doing it while I ate my sandwich has made sure that it got done!

I will see what other little jobs I can get done this way.

12th March 2012

This is my last post for today as I’ve already spent a little while updating my goals. I’ll check back towards the end of the day to see how I go-as much as I love it on here I can’t spend all my free time on 43things of I won’t get anything done!

1) Update 43things
2) Peg out washing
3) Go to sainsbury’s for ingredients to make eye gel
4) Make cooling eye gel (if I can get all the ingredients!)
5) Vacuum downstairs.
6) Dust
7) Tidy room
8) Wii fit
9) Watch Harry Potter Musical
10) Sort out emails
11) Plan morning and nighttime routines and stick up on wall to remind me.
12) Look at my Disneyland Paris Album and see what I need to get to finish it.

Need to find the mid-way on this.

Because while Monday was pretty successful-I felt under pressure the whole day.
Yesterday: Not quite as much done from the ‘official’ to do list but did have a nice, calm day where I felt much better at the end of it.

1) Test DVD and delete from Harddrive
2) Finish watching Robert LLewellyn’s ‘Making Do’ on youtube-Did some of this but didn’t have time to do them all.
3) Continue reading Gem Fatale’s blog
4) 30 mins wii fit – I really have to do this today-Did do lots of wii sprot matches with sis though.
5) wii Tennis match with sister
6) Make profiteroles for sister’s party
7) 30 mins tidying
8) 100 press ups challenge
9) Maybe pop to Matalan??

Today's to do list-Day 2.

Yesterday went quite well although I didn’t manage to fit everything in I wanted to.
I think that was down to going into town taking way longer than I thought it would and that my sister was in nearly all day-Lounging around, getting in the way.

Anyway today’s should be a bit quieter but the tasks I need to do are:

1) Lay fire
2) At least 30 minutes wii fit
3) 100 press ups challenge day 2.
4) Watch Stargazing Live (that I recorded weeks ago so it’s not really ‘live’ anymore)
5) Start on ironing Not only did I start-I finished it. Bonus point to me!
6) Test that DVD
7) Find out if Harry Potter greatest moments was put on DVD
* If Yes: Delete from Harddrive
* If NO: Burn to DVD, test and delete from Harddrive
* ALSO if Yes: Put final Christmas Lecture on DVD, test and delete
8) At least 30 minutes tidying up
9) Either sew up cream jumper OR work on back of knitted cushion

Today's to do list.

I have a week off from work. Excellent.
As usual I have quite a lot of things to get done.

1) Lay fire
2) Sort out clean washing to dry
3) Record last week’s ‘Hungry Sailors’ from catch up to watch later
4) Watch Stargazing Live (that I recorded weeks ago so it’s not really ‘live anymore’
5) Go to town and get these things:
  • Birthday balloon for sister
  • Birthday Pork Pie for sister’s party
  • Birthday present for sister
  • Birthday card for sister
  • POTC 4
  • Watch or other gift (for sister from mum)
  • My shoes for collection
  • Trouser hanger
  • Tracksuit/Jogger bottoms for exercise
6) Either sew up cream jumper OR work on back of knitted cushion
7) At least 30 minutes on the wii fit
8) 100 press ups challenge (day 1 – 45 pressups)
I managed 55 in total!
9) At least 45 minutes tidying room
10) Test DVD I did yesterday
11) Find out if Harry Potter greatest moments was put on DVD
  • If Yes: Delete from Harddrive
  • If NO: Burn to DVD, test and delete from Harddrive
  • ALSO if Yes: Put final Christmas Lecture on DVD, test and delete

12) Make savoury mince for tea-my mum did this. :)
13) Come back to 43 things and update this list!

When is my free time? And how much do I have?

As I have a ‘Monday-Friday’ office job the weekends are pretty much all ‘free time’ so I’m going to try and account for my lost time during the working week first.

30 minutes 6.30-7.00am (Before I have to start getting ready for work)
15 minutes The train journey to work.
30 minutes for lunch around midday (Can sometimes be stretched to an hour)
15 minutes The train journey home from work.
3 hours About 7.00-10.00pm when I have to go to bed or I’m too tired the next day!

That’s about 4.5 hours. If I include the walking between work and the station and home and the station that adds an extra hal hour or so. That’s FIVE HOURS A DAY! 25 hours a week. Even If I slept all weekend I’ve got a whole day of time there.

I generally use the 30 mins in the morning to catch up on a programme I’ve missed (this can often span a couple of mornings or more).

I tend to read on the train, and sometimes at lunch.

On my walk from the train station to home I sometimes (but not always) listen to Coffee Break French. And on the other walks to and from the station I will sometimes listen to another podcast.

I reckon I could be using lunch better. Although to do what I’m not sure… And the time at home in the evening could defintely be used better as often it’s just watching TV although I have started knitting as well.

Also, it’s my weekends I struggle with as there’s no real structure. I have kinda worked out what I can do with my little chunks of free time in the week but often it’s the weekend that I end up procrastinating on as I’m never that sure what to do, or what is most important… I NEED to work on this.

Holiday To-Do List

EDIT 2 12/11/11: Another couple checked off! And hopefully another couple in the next few days. :)

EDIT 16/10/11: Well, as you can see I haven’t done so well here.
A couple of the things, fair enough I didn’t have the kit-e.g. fabric glue for my bracelet. But some of the things I could’ve done.

There were a couple of little set backs and I managed a couple of other things that weren’t on the list but it wasn’t my best week for being productive. I’m hoping to complete these things in the near future.

I have a week off work-fantastic!
2 of the days I’m away but for the rest of the time I want to make the best use of my free time (of course including a little relaxation time!)

I’m focusing this list on the next 3 days.

Get a new winter coat.Tidy my wardrobe.Reorder bookcase.Vac room.Sort out makeup and skincare stuff.Sort out jewelry.Sort out bags.Sort out all the photos from my camera.
Choose the best pics and send for printing.
Fix my grey bracelet.
Make my noticeboard. I bought one for 99p as I was clearly NEVER going to do this (8/1/12)
Redo my budget.
Organise my computer files.
Update iPod.
Plan London Trip.
Apply for my provisional license.

Walking home...

...listening to Coffee Break French. Good use of free time. So what if people think I’m crazy randomly saying ‘Je suis en forme’. (I’m not sure how to spell that I’m afraid)!

Good use of free time? I think yes!

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