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Get and stay organized

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This goal is too vague for me.

I will be giving up on this goal after writing this entry.

It is too vague for me to focus on and I feel like I need to set myself more specific goals in order to achieve what I want.

I am not removing the goal as I hope one day to be able to bring this one back to life and check it off. But I don’t want to see it cluttering up my list-laughing at me for not being able to manage it.

I will be setting smaller goals that hopefully will allow me to become the organised person I want to be.

Right-new plan!

I think I have worked out what my EXTREME avoidance of tidying up is to do with.

Statistically speaking I am 100% likely to end up in a huge and upsetting mess again.

Everytime I’ve had a big tidy/clearout/orgaisation session I’ve ended up back in a mess again. I think part of me has decided well why bother then.

Well I don’t want to be that person. So the plan is to do tiny little bits. Because the mess I’ve got myself in is so offputting I really have no idea where to start I have decided that each day I just have to do 5 things to move myself towards being tidy and orgainised. I don’t mind how little they are-it could be puttinga book back on the shelf. I just have to do 5 things to move forwards. I started yesterday and mangaged 7 before giving up. I can do this.

I'm not going to get this done.

But I will settle for being tidy for Christmas and having a plan set up for sorting it out by New Year’s Eve.

If I manage that I’ll be pleased and hopefully being organised can be a definite 2012 and onwards thing.

Life, not just stuff.

I’ve been looking at this like it’s only about getting my stuff organised. You know, clearing out some of the clutter. Making sure everything has it’s place so it doesn’t take forever to find things. Although this is obviously something I need to do and I think will certainly help lower my stress levels it’s not just about THINGS it’s about LIFE.

I need to organise myself as well as my possessions. For example, yesterday morning: rushing round the house, couldn’t decide what to wear, didn’t know where my bag was, forgot my money almost late. This morning: Had decided what I was wearing the night before (as recommended a while ago by the fabulous Dawn Warren-check her out she’s an inspiration!) sorted my bag while I had my cup of tea, ate breakfast earlier than normal to give myself extra time incase I’d forgotten something and overall a much smoother morning was had all round.

I need to do this for everything. Work. Home. Socialising. I need to plan/decide/act instead of leaving it all to the last minute and it being a mad rush and not as good as it could’ve been. I must waste so much time and opportunities by not being organised withing myself. I don’t want to miss out anymore.

7 weekends.

By my count I have 7 weekends before 2012! Eek. It’s a fair amount to get through but I think I can manage it. if I just tackle a bit at a time hopefully come next year I’ll be so organised it will blow my mind!

Tidy not organised.

Currently my room in almost tidy (just need to put the washing away!). I spent a good couple of days last week making sure everything was away and finding places for things as best I could. So, I can now see the floor-brilliant! and I have found my recipe file and added it to my ‘important files’ shelf!

Unfortunately, there are still quite a few boxes/bags of miscellaneous items that don’t have an official place. I’m not even sure what’s in some of them…

Hopefully now I have the space I will be able to go through one of these at a time and get myself organised once and for all!

To-Do List

Updated on 10/10/2011

Get enough coathangers for all clothes.
Label Coathangers. (Sad maybe but useful!)
Buy drawer dividers.
(Well actually I saved money here by using some containers I already had that conveniently fitted in my drawer!
Organise DVDs.
Organise Television recording DVDs.
Organise Bookcases.
Print out all photos.
Put all photos in albums.
Organise all paperwork: Bank Correspondence, Student Loan, Jobs.Make Useful Articles File.
Alter/mend clothes: Grey jacket, Military Jacket, Blue Star Dress, Work Trousers, Cream Dress. (Made this into a t-shirt!) Grey Jacket.
Wash Shoes.

Dye White Shoes.
Organise Home emails.
Sort out personal computer files.
Jewelry Storage: Bracelet Bowl, Necklaces-Pinboard (Changed from mug tree as I don’t have anywhere to put one!)
Make noticeboard.
Make clock cover.

Tidying Up.

Today I have tried to start the mass tidy of my clutter.

The main thing I have tried to do is to gather up all my important papers (statements, letters, useful information etc.) and I am going to file them away into the appropriate ring-binders. I’ll then label them and put them somewhere easy to access so I can file things away straight away rather then end up with the huge masses of papers that end up everywhere!

I am also going to write a list of all the areas in my life that need organising and stick it up on the wall so I can see what needs to be done and check things off as I go. I’ll put the list on here too so that when I can update it here too-this way I’ll be able to see when my goal is completed.

I am so unorganised! I really need to change.

And having just seen this goal on someone else’s list it occurred to me that a couple of my current goals sort of fit into this, namely the sorting of my emails and tidying of work desk, but also the paying off of my loans etc.

I have always been a terribly messy person and it’s not that ‘organised mess’ rubbish people go on about. I never know where anything is and it makes me panicky and stressed. :(

Hopefully I can change my lifelong ways and become the organised person I’ve always wanted to be.

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