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make being 23 the best year yet!

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Now for a new start.

Okay, so being 23 wasn’t my best year ever. But I am still marking this as complete because I’ve found out a lot of things about me and what I want in this little old world. So in a way…it has been great because I’ve found out where I want to be. I think.

Now I am moving onto being 24 and I am going to set myself specific things to try and sort out rather than a a vague ‘have the best year ever’ goal. Wish me luck!

So, it's nearly over.

My year of being 23 hasn’t gone quite as well as I would’ve liked. It’s not been the whirlwind of excitment I had hoped I would make happen. But then again, it’s been pretty good, I’ve had some great times to go with the slightly less good. It would be a very odd year indeed if nothing bad happened at all.

Alot of the less good things that happened were outside my control but some stuff I could’ve improved myself.

The best thing about this year though has been the things that have happened to other people. Two of my friends have moved into their own places (although one has had to move back home temporarily). One of these is also getting on great in her new job and is doing really well with her bf. A work colleague is getting married this weekend, and another has just left to have her second baby (and she got engaged recently too)! Another friend is well on her way getting her PhD and is in a fabulous long term relationship too.

Seeing how the people nearest to me are carving out their lives for themselves has been a real kick up the bum for me. That and realising that next year I will be 25!!!! When did that sneak up on me?

I know I said that I would make being 23 the best year ever, and when the time comes I will mark it down as a success, but honestly speaking my complacent self has won out. However, I am already working on my plan to make being 24 the most successful year yet.

There is no way I am winding up being 25 and in the same place as I am now. It’s too terrifying.

I've been away.

I’ve been away for a while now…not feeling so grand. I’m blaming it on the rainy weather a while back. Got me feeling glum and stuck.

I have actually physically been away, having just got back from my summer holiday where everything was lovely. Not like real life where it’s all work and repetition. I’ve been thinking a lot and I need to find out how to keep myself up. I’m not getting anything done when I’m down.

I hope I can sort it out.

Awesome weekend with friends

Had a fab weekend away with a couple of my friends and had a really good time.
We watched films, cooked went for walks an generally had a fab time.

On this same weekend I got up early and went for a walk down the beach by myself first thing. It was glorious! Sunny and quiet and calm. Loved it. I haven’t been that happy and loving life for ages. I know that that’s the sort of thing I want to get to in my future. I went to an AMAZING local bakery that I have loved for years and had a lovely chat with the baker, a nice old chap and a couple of fabulous old ladies. I want a life where stiff is independent and local and it’s okay to talk to complete strangers about whether to get cream buns or flapjacks (the woman told me to get both!)

Marco Pierre White

Today I watched some of Marco Pierre White’s new show ‘Kitchen Rivals’ being filmed. I didn’t get to see much of it because I only had my lunch break to pop out in but it was really interesting and I enjoyed it alot.

I’m glad I made the effort to go out and there’s the world’s tiniest chance I might get on to be in a crowd scene!

Has it really already been 4 months?

Dude! Where’s the time gone. I was hoping to have done way more stuff than I have but I hardly even realised the time had passed.

Oh bother…what should I do next???

Talk about doing something different.

The main thing that I really want to do to make being 23 the best year yet is to try new things. I want to try and step of of my comfort zone and do something different.

I did today. Not intentionally mind but due to reasons that I don’t need to go into I ended up as a witness in court! How exciting you say. It’s not really. The 15 minutes I was in there was quite exciting I suppose although it was a bit scary. The 1 hour and 45 minutes I had to wait staring at peeling wallpaper outside wasn’t. They don’t show you that part on the telly.

But at least it was different and I was definitely out of the comfort zone!

Meal out from work.

This will sound daft but the other week I went for an impromptu meal with a couple of people from work which I felt was an achievement for me.

It had been a rubbish day, then a stream of emails arrived which I took very personally. A couple of people from my team were going for tea and invited me along. Normally I would say no, I’ve been there over a year now and I’ve not really managed to make any proper friends. I’m not very confident in myself and I know I’m not ‘cool’ and that I don’t like a lot of things other people do: sports, tv shows, music tastes etc. I generally shy away for fear of looking like a fool or not having anything to say at all.

I had a really good time and I think it was a good step for me to come out of my shell a bit. I was still pretty quiet but I didn’t feel awkward-like I was in the way or something. I also think it was good to have a teeny-tiny bit of independence. I live at home with my family and I know I use this as an excuse too-not wanting to disrupt their plans, if my mum’s made tea or something I don’t want to put her out.

I hope this can be the first step to help me be a more independent confident person.


I’ve just been to London.

Now I’ve been to London before but this was the first time I’ve been and done something different. Normally I go, do a bit of shopping, eating and see a show but this time I made the most of the couple of days.

I went with a good friend that I haven’t been with before so that was good. She helped me cope with walking round (her other half used to live down there so she’s learnt some of the streets) while I helped her work the tube. Logical coloured lines and easy to work out stops are my domain!

We went to: *
The British Library and looked a a photographic exhibition.

The Wellcome Library* which currently has an amazing exhibition of Mexican paintings which were done as offerings of gratitude when something miraculous (such as a loved one recovering from severe illness) happened, as well as a contrasting set of exhibitions on the history of and modern medicine.

The British Museum where we looked at the Egyptian exhibits and I found myself having moral dilemmas about looking at mummified people.

The Science Museum AWESOME! Loads to do. Exciting, interesting and educational. I’d like to go for a whole day because then I’d have more time to try and learn some of the stuff.

The Natural History Museum Also pretty amazing and a fantastic building. Everyone likes dinosaurs and pretending you’re in an earthquake!

The V&A: We only had time for a quick look in here but we saw some gorgeous jewelry through the ages and a really cool display of theatre stuff.

And we went to see Billy Elliot. I recommend you see it. I now wish I could tap dance more than ever!

Oh, and I bought the best macaroons from Ladurée Mmmmmmm.

Enough of what I did. The point is this is something I’ve always wanted to do, go and see the good stuff instead of mostly doing what I can do at home. I think I we managed to fit a lot into those two days which is something I’m wanting to work on this year and I just feel like it’s been something new that I can say I did. Finally, because we planned this trip on a budget, we stayed in a youth hostel-something I’ve never done before. I was pretty worried and do you know what-it was fine. Little scary thing dealt with. :)

An Adventure in the Making.

Every year I say this.
Every year.

This Is The Year.

Last year wasn’t too bad. Got my first full time job and have done pretty well in it. That was enough of a change for me. I’m pretty scared of changes. But this year I feel ready. I feel less scared to be the person I want to be.

Wish me luck!

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