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pay off my credit card

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Charlye has written 4 entries about this goal

Looking good...

£164.29 to go!
So, £65 will go towards on Friday, and the rest will be paid off in the next 2 months latest. :)
So it’s all good. :)
Happy me, almost done with this pain in my backside! yeah!

Keep calm and carry on...

Another £10 paid off as well as the minimum monthly payment. Not much to go…
It will be all gone before Christmas… yeah!
The thing that helped me? I destroyed the actual card on purpose. So no more way to spend extra! And it’s almost gone!!!

Keep calm and carry on…

Almost there... almost there!

I paid another £20 off what I owe, got the minimum payment coming off every month as well… so I’m getting there… I am not getting any extra charge for lateness… Well, little by little, but by the end of the year, it will be gone! :)

A pain in my backside for a long time!

I have this little cash card I got off a store when making purchases.
AS i am outside my authorised limit, I get to pay other charges and else.

First things first. With new years resolutions, I decided I was gonna deal with it.
First, I started to install a Direct Debit to pay the minimum payment every month, which is about £12 per month. This little thing avoid me getting late payment fees. The minimum payment gets recalculated every month according to the balance, so next month, it will be less than this.

Plus, each time I get paid, I’ll put a little something on it. For this month I put £30, in 2 weeks I’ll be putting another small amount.

The goal is to write off the exceeding amount by the end of February 2010. Then I’ll have no more charges on it, except the interests rate.

I am glad I started doing this. For a time, I was feeling bad about it, and didn’t really want to do anything about it, thinking that problems will go away.

I now feel better, because I face the problem and actually do something about it.

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