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We Did It!

Oh my gosh! We closed this morning at 9am! Everything is so hectic right now, but own a four-floor, two car garage home with a pretty deck and beautiful new matching appliances! I can’t stop smiling = ) I never thought I’d be here! We don’t a yard (just a mud pit at this point) and all of our stuff is an hour away, but we’re HOME OWNERS!! Woo Hoo! This is a picture from our living room.

Home Sweet Home!

We’re moving in this week! I’m still at a totally shock about how little time this took to come together, but I’m thankful it wasn’t a lengthy, drawnout process. Our realtor was unbelievably helpful and we loved the builder. All around it’s been a great experience and we’re closing on Thursday morning at 9 o’clock. I’m starting to pack up some stuff, but it’s taking foooooorever! I hate moving, but I’m going to love being in this house. We’re adopting a dog and getting new jobs; it’s all really coming together!


That might be my new street! The hubby and I looked through a few homes yesterday and I really think we found it! It’s a split level, so it looks a little smaller from the outside but it actually has four floors – LOVE IT! I’m trying to get my hopes up in case something falls through, but I already know where all my rugs will look the best…Hahaha


We met with our realtor last night = ) It was good to have a lot of our questions answered and now I’m SO excited!

My Home...

I can just shut my eyes and imagine a yard where our future children can run with dogs(OMG – I would cut off a finger to have a puppy!). I can’t wait to do things that most people dread. I would love to mow a huge yard or pick soggy apples from the ground. I can’t wait to paint rooms and decorate with my husband. Giving candy out on halloween and having sidewalk chalk drawings everywhere is going to be fantastic. I just hate renting, where we can’t paint anything, have a dog, mow our own yard and kids are too afraid to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood. I want it so bad I can just see it!

House Hunting?

Oh, soo weird! I’m really not an adult at all. I’m married, but that’s pretty much just so I always have someone to watch cartoons with me ; )
Yesterday I went down to the bank with my step-dad to see if the hubby and I can even afford a house. I actually got approved for up to $80,000 – which is NOT a lot when it comes to houses, but you have to remember that we’re in the Midwest and so there are a few options. Actually, they all involve some fixing and painting, but we’re just looking for now. We’ll get there soon enough.

The American Dream

I’m in college right now and just renting. I’m sure that after my wedding next summer we’ll rent for a while, too. We’ll be paying off school loans and getting settled in our new life as husband and wife. Owning a home will come when it comes and when we can afford it. I’ve always dreamed of owning a home, planting a garden, mowing the lawn – things that some people hate doing. I can’t wait!

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