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Get You To Please Vote For My Mom!

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Okay, so she’s not going to win, despite the fact that she definitely should. She did win free flowers for a year and my brother and I won $50 each, so we all had fun, won a little something, and showed Mom how loved she is. I’m considering this done; thanks for everyone who helped! I really appreciate it.

America's Favorite Mom

Okay, this might sound a little cheesy, but you seriously don’t know the ways I love my mom. She’s my best friend and constant ray of sunshine for me. She’s never let me down and she’s so inspirational – can you tell where this is going? I need your help! My mom has done so amazingly much for me that I’m trying to do something for her and I need my 43Things friends (that’s you!) to help me out.

Please please please go to this site and vote for my mom. You just log in, vote, and absolutely make my day! You can vote everyday, if you think of it. I really want to surprise my mom and I can’t do it by myself = ) Thank you!

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