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grow wings

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Hey everyone, been a while since I have posted anything. But I need help.
I was wondering if anyone knew anything about bending/manipulating/controlling the elements?? Any element really. If anyone knows how or a way to help me figure it out could you either message me or comment below??


Someone!! Anyone!! Message me please :D

Ritual help??

Hey all,
Is anyone good at creating good rituals?? I’ve already got a spell put together but I need a bit of help creating a ritual to go along with it… Any advice??
Bye Loves

prayer or spell??

hey guys,
i was wondering if anyone would help me (or make one for me) make a spell or prayer that i can use?? i would really apprietiacte it
Bye Loves

good spel??

hey everyone,
its been a while since ive posted on this page.
my progress has sort of stopped and has been for a while and i was wondering if anyone would write me a spell??

No progress :'(

I have had litterally no progress!!
Idk what to do it seems as if I wasn’t destined for wings so the universe refuses to give me a sign that they are growing :’(
Any advice on what I can do to get myself back on track??

Choco angel out!!

You can't physically transform??

I just got the weekly occult newsletter about witchcraft and stuff and it said that physical transformation is practically impossible for even a skilled practionier!!
Cuzz the question was can I turn into a vampire or werewolf?
And she was like physical transformation is basically impossible but you can get the feel of it through meditation and shit :’( if ya want. Me to post that section of the email I will just request it…


In Orlando Florida on vacation… Listening to the WORST karaoke EVER!! This is coming from someone who was kicked out of church choir because I sound so terrible…
I have a horrible headache and all the adults are drunk!!
Save meeeee!!!


My mom is singing now!!!!


Choco angel out!!

runs into corner

Fake progress

Do you guys remember when I said I could “flap” my shoulder blades??

Probably not – . -

Well anyways I guess it was nothing special because 3 of my friends can do it too :’(

I guess I wasn’t really growing wings after all


O well
I guess it wasn’t ment to be :’(

Day 2

Just said herod spell and saphs spell and felt slight pain…
I’m getting random blasts of pain in the left part of my back :D

Choco angel out!!

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