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Okay so even though I’m sure Tisa said this earlier, I think….
What if we just made a website?
Like each teacher has their own little section on it and stuff.
If you can’t post on your section on the website you could always email/pm/message whoever makes it with what you were gonna say and the could copy and paste it into your “area”...

It would be much cheaper… Or skype, as Tisa also said….

Chico anGel out!!

Wanna help!!

Kk I would like to help!!!
There is nothing magical I can do as of today except the occasional visions in my dreams that I don’t remember having until the moment in my dream happens and gives me strong deja vu (however you spell it) moment.

But I will work to develop a power of some sort or simply just grow my wings…

Choco angel out!!

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