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clean out my inbox

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Doing pretty well...

I managed to clean all my different email accounts and I don’t pile up the new unread messages to unbelievable numbers. I am on top of this now.

Now, I will need to CLEAN and get rid of eamils that are just laying passively there with no use at all. Then, I will be able to mark this goal as DONE. can’t wait to mark another goal and make space for another :)



At last I finished goin through all my 1000 new messages. Now all I have left is delete those read emails I no longer need before I can tick this goal done _

Cheers for me :)






At 797 new messages…..still a long way to go


840 new messages =D

Yeay ^_^

It is taking time but I am now down to 900 from the original 1000 unread new messages :)


965 new messages :) yaay progress

after another year....I am still there

I can’t believe it has been a whole year since my last entry about this goal. OMG I am really so slow. I have never went through the whole inbox cleanup yet :) I am such a lazy bum!!

Today I have 1000 unread emails in my inbox, 1000!! I am doing it today even if it takes all day. This goal should not have taken a whole year to accomplish.

Cheer me up :)

Can't wait..

I was planning to do this on my first day of my summer holidays…but giving the rate at which my inbox is flooding with emails everyday….I need to take action right now. I have 301 emails in my inbox and 281 are unread!!

This is going to be one long night!!

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