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get engaged


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told my parents

I was soooo nervous..but I did it. The ring came back early and I told my mom on friday morning when she was home. I stuck it in her face, and it took her a minute to realize what it was, then stuck out her hand and said, “congratulations.” I gave her a hug and she asked me about it and we spent the day out and about and I was sooo happy :)
I had to go to work, and when I came home, I ate dinner and then went into the living room where my dad was reading the paper, and said “I have something to show you,” and showed him the ring. He just looked at it and then at me, like, ‘why are you showing me this??’ So of course then I sucked it up and told him that he asked me to marry him and I said yes, very nervously. He did his typical “ohhhh really ohhhhh” head roll and then said, “well, if it’s what you really want” and I jumped on that and said “YES!” and then he said “okay” and got up and put his paper down and gave me a huge big squeeze hug and said “well then congratulations!” to which I said “thank you” and bashfully ran to my bedroom, where I promptly cried out of relief and thankfulness!!

My mom is right; it’s my life and they can’t stop me, but as Jarrod put it, it would be nicer if they would be reconciled to the idea, so I’m glad that they’re okay with it. We spent Thanksgiving together and my dad talked to Jarrod and it seemed to go over well, since Jarrod does have his own goals and ideas and would never physically/emotionally hurt me or bum money off of me and he does work hard and is on my level (or above) brain-wise. And of course, my sister loves him!!I’m so thankful beyond thankful that things are going well!! Thank God!! Amen.


I told my parents yesterday…my mom is happy and my dad at least accepted it and said “if it’s what you really want” and I said “yes!!” and so he stood up and gave me a big hug and said “congratulations!” Thank God!! He doesn’t give me hugs often and it means so much to me that they’re going with me on this!! Thank You, Lord!! Thank You so much!!! <3

oh my God he asked me!!!

FINALLY!! i mean…lol. He kept telling me about my Christmas present, that I would like it and kept mentioning it…so I kind of figured that it could be a ring. Well, on Tuesday, I was busy and downhearted, and he told me he wanted to give me my present today. I said no, we should wait, I didn’t have his present yet. He said that was okay…I dithered but he really really wanted to give it to me, so I said okay. We went to his room as usual, and he told me to close my eyes, and I did. He sounded like he was picking up something very heavy, and I thought, “What did he get me, a statue?! Where am I going to put it?” When he told me to open my eyes, he was sitting next to me, looking right into my eyes. With a trembling voice and a strange intensity, he said, “I love you.” I said, “I love you too.” “And I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” I felt my eyes widen and sucked in my breath. “Will you marry me?” he said, and held out a ring. I gasped, said “yes!! yes!!” and he put the ring on my finger. And then of course, I bawled like an idiot. lol. I can still hardly believe it! I’m so happy. Praise God!!

more musings

Well, he and I are both going back to school; me for a year, him for 2 years, and while my mom likes him, she’s not sure about the idea of us being serious, and my dad just doesn’t think about it at all. While at a wedding, my friend the bride told me he’d pulled her aside and told her he was trying to save up for a ring. Half of me wants to believe it and be hopeful and excited, but the other half is tired of castles in the air and knows that it will be a good long while before he asks me…especially b/c we’re supposed to live together first still, and until we can both get out of college and get decent-paying jobs and get an apartment, that’ll be at least 2 more years or so! Ah well…patience is a virtue…

forget the "married by 30" thought

he told me he won’t ask me until he’s SURE: as in, we have to live together first, which is irritating, since I KNOW my family won’t approve! I’m not sure if I approve…but, it’s what he wants. Well, if I have to wait 2 more years, so be it. I won’t be happy waiting, but with my current situation, I’ll probably have to wait 2 more years anyway! And really, he’s definitely worth it to me.

according to statistics....

Cat and I were tlaking about marriage and such, and all the stats that goes with it. Apparently, if you live together for more than a year, the likelihood of you having a divorce goes up a LOT! So I convinced him to ask after less than a year. I’m kinda hoping that, depending on whatever happens, he’ll ask me sooner. He wants to be married by the time he’s 30…he’s got less than 3 years.


He finally told me that he wouldn’t ask me until we’d actually lived together for at least a year. I understand it, and I’m glad that there is something solid. He’s right, as usual. It’s frustrating, because it’ll be at least another 3 years or so I spose. Ah well…it’ll make the bond better or it will fall away. I should feel secure where I am.

wistful thinking

we barely have time for each other right now, let alone money or gas. I keep feeling that being together is so far off, and it depresses me more than a little. In my book, it’s about 2 years away…in my dad’s probably more like 4 or more. The economy sucks, so I don’t know how well we’re going to do, especially b/c he doesn’t have a good job right now. All these little worries about the future….all I can do is pray and be thankful for what I have. “Someday” is pretty far off, but it’s getting closer all the time!


so during the middle of the Renaissance Faire we were holding on campus, my friend literally out of nowhere grabs me and gets me to come with him to the mall so he can buy an engagement ring for his beloved. it was so amazing…he got her a small, pretty ruby ring (she hates diamonds) and we were all on edge the whole faire, waiting to see if she’d come. But, she had to work and she’s got finals, so he’s going to wait til everything’s done and keep us posted. It brought out the wistful in me…but hey, I’m a lonnnnnnng long ways from that. Lord bless them <3


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