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99) I had gingersnaps with dark chocolate today and they were delicious!! It’s like their bottoms were dipped in the chocolate? I had them with whipped cream too, and shared with my fiance…tasty!!

100)! I went all “Assassin’s Creed” and (carefully) hopped up the pile of logs at the base of a high stump, then managed to climb onto the top and crouch down like Altair! It was cool; I haven’t been up that high in a long time, and it was interesting to see my yard from that high viewpoint as the sun was setting. Too bad I didn’t have that 360 rotation view thingy with the hawk, but it was awesome all the same. The neighbors probably thought I was crazy, wearing my pajamas!

3rd last!

98) A friend and co-worker convinced me to try a wrap with cranberry relish. I’ve never heard of cranberry relish before, let alone tried it! He convinced me though, and made me a wrap on the spot. It was strange; very tart, almost to the point of me not liking it, but not quite. It was good, but probably only in smaller amounts lol. Very different indeed.

nearer still

95) I tried brussels sprouts for the first time at Thanksgiving this year. I love how they look like tiny cabbages! I was entirely unimpressed with their taste though, and they were kind of really hard to chew. Not what I expected! Oh well, at least I tried them, even if they weren’t up to my expectations.

96) I found out that I’m allergic to mistletoe hand sanitizer, or at least the chemicals used to make the smell. My throat swelled up so much that it was incredibly painful to swallow, and my eyelids swelled up too and I got a fever. It was insane! I have NEVER been THAT allergic to a smell before!! Some smells make me sneeze, but that’s it. This reaction was almost like a food allergy or something! Well, it took me a while to figure out what was going on and even still it took a while for the effects to go away. And the whole time, my skin was perfectly fine. Who would have thought?! I think that I’m going to start buying all-natural smelly stuffs from now on so that I can avoid this mess. And avoid mistletoe. (Did you know that it’s poisonous if you eat it? Why’d they use the smell??)

97) My director’s daughter is an accomplished pastry chef, and the place where she works is big on organic ingredients. She gave a cake to my director for our workplace to eat, because it somehow got squashed on one side and nobody would buy it. This was a vegan pumpkin cheesecake. A….vegan…cheesecake. Not sure what was actually in it, considering cheesecakes should be made of milk and cheese, but I was sure that it was organic! It was beautifully made (complete with whipped cream? something of the sort?) and creamy, but not as good as the real thing (though I’m biased; I LOVE cream cheese!). It was pretty good, and very different!

almost there!!

93) I used a keurig machine for the first time during my training class. I grabbed a cup and watched the person in from of me use the machine, and then I went for it. It’s pretty easy, and the coffee was good, and it didn’t taste like the tea the person before me had. It made horrible noises, and I don’t understand why a “large” setting size ithe equivalent of a styrofoam cup (what, is a “small” a shotglass of coffee??) but it’s kinda nifty. Not nifty enough for me to buy, though.

94) I went to a Chinese resturaunt to buy a loaf of bread bread bread haha j/k. We did go to the Chinese buffet and thy had all this crazy delicious stuff I never tried before. Crab meat wrapped in bacon MMM and something with creamcheese and crab that was so good, and some weird chicken and I wanted to try an oyster, but I’m afraid I’m going to be allergic lol. Definitely new and awesome and I gotta find recipes!!

into the 90's!

90) I needed boxed food for work, and I came across a display of organic Indian micro dinners, so I thought I’d give it a shot. The one I tried was potatoes and spinach with rice and a mild curry. It looked kinda gross but oh, it was SOOOO good! It was tasty and filling and had just enough spice for me to appreciate it but not burn my mouth off. I actually smiled when I ate it! It was great! I gotta try some more Indian food!

91) I was at the huge grovery store with my fiance at 10pm lol and they had ready-made pizzas for $4! I decided to try one. I tried a spinach and roasted red pepper pizza and it was amazing! I thought maybe the whole spinach leaves would burn or wilt or something but it didn’t really! The only bad thing was that the oil sat on top of the leaves and made eating unexpectedly hot at times. It’s quite a change from the extra cheesy/meaty pizzas I’m used to! Very good.

92) We’re still cleaning up the yard, and there’s a lot of huge branches still around that need to be cut up. My dad actually let me ue the saw for once! He’ never let me do that before…and for good reason. It’s actually kind of hard to saw those branches, and I lost some muscle since I started grad school, but I managed! I’ll pay for it tomorrow though lol.


87) We just got a snowstorm…in October! The snow is heavy, so it stuck to the leaves and pulled a LOT of branches and wires down. My yard is pretty much unrecognizable :( I had to get back into town though, because my online classes require power!! There were only two ways to get there: drive over a tree, or drive over a downed power line. I drove over the power line lying in the snow!! Scared me so bad…but there was no power, so I was okay. Thank God! Never going to do that again!

88) I’ve never been without power for 5 days before, as long as I can remember. Nor have I ever spent 5 days straight living with my fiance before! I didn’t enjoy not having my things, feeling like I was in the way, or trying to clean up the yard all the while stressing about my family and the dogs freezing at home while I tried to finish my class projects on time. However, knowing that someone was awake and warm and waiting for me when I got done with work was so very very nice. I look forward to the days when I will have that all of the time! in the meantime…it was very very much appreciated.

89) Pop made coffee for me…but there was no vanilla ice cream or milk that I trusted and I didn’t want to dilute the coffee with water, so I grabbed the whipped cream can and sprayed a nice big topping on my coffee. It wasn’t bad, actually, drinking my straight black coffee with whipped cream, though I’m not a huge fan of whipped cream. I’ll have to remember this for the future.

Food type things :)

85) My friends asked me to join them after work at the diner, and asked what they could order for me in advance. I couldn’t think of anything, but I remembered my fiance telling me that the Monte Cristo was good, so I asked for that. When I got there I saw what it was: french toast with turkey pieces, a slice of ham, bacon, and a bit of cheese, served with fries and maple syrup. Huh. Well, I tried it, and man was it good!! I was so full though! No idea why they call it a Monte Cristo.

86) I went on a DATE! lol and I decided to try chicken piccata, which is apparently chicken in a white wine/lemon sauce with noodles. That was really different…despite there being a lot of chicken and starchy noodles, my stomach felt as light as it had when I came in! It didn’t have an aftertaste either, so I had to sit with a piece in my mouth for a bit to decide if I liked it. I ended with eating some kind of chocolate and cream puff pastry thing. The two really complimented each other and it was all very delicious! It was a great meal.

more more more!

82) We have jalapenos growing in our backyard, so I decided to try one raw instead of cooking it and frying it first. It wasn’t so bad at all, really, until I hit the seeds! Wow! My mouth burned so bad, I went straight to the fridge and ate some cheese, which helped a lot actually. Whoever came up with the cream cheese in jalapeno poppers knew what they were doing!!

83) I was about to leave my friend’s house when another friend came flying in unexpectedly, scaring me, and asked me to hug her. She had a panic attack while driving and so, stopped at the nearest safe house. I just held her for a while while she shook and cried on my shoulder… She eventually calmed down and apologized, but I told her not to worry about it. How many times have I been in the same situation, snotting all over someone else’s shoulder helplessly? I felt kind of glad that I could finally give back to someone else with the same problem.

84) I had orzo for the first time…it’s so very odd, shaped and kind of textured like rice, but slimier and a noodle! It was very different! I’m still not sure if I like the texture, but considering that it was covered with broccoli and velveeta, it was pretty good :)

even closer

78) I went to the Customer Appreciation thingy, and they made me work the sno-cone machine! I had no idea what I was doing at first, but it wasn’t too bad, and the looks on the parents’ and kids’ faces were great lol! It was definitely a new experience!

79) I watched Excused, which is kind of like an extremely fast-paced version of the Bachelorette. This was different for me, b/c judging from tabloids, they’re not shows that I want to watch! And I was right…The men and women who are attracted to the show, the speed, the things they do are just not attractive to me at all! I’m glad I took the slow boring way lol :) Well, at least I can say I watched it.

80) I tried tongue for the first time…it was oddly mealy, but otherwise pretty much tasted like beef. Nothing too impressive. Luckily for me, it was in a soup so there were no bumps or anything on it. Ugh! I don’t think I could have eaten it otherwise.

81) I had eggplant fries yesterday…they were really mushy, but soooo good! I’ll have to get them again sometime!

getting close now

75) My cousin made a rice and mushroom dish for her party, and I gave it a shot out of politeness, as I do NOT like rice or mushrooms. But that dish made a real liar out of me! It was so good I had seconds! Now that was definitely something new!

76) I came back to my house via windy, gravel back roads in the dark, with my GPS, bottoming out and ending up 3 miles on the other side of my house, 6 miles away from where I’d originally started. Stupid construction!! Never did that before…never even knew that those two main roads could possibly connect in any way!! I don’t ever want to do that again, and I barely know how I did it, but I did! It was definitely an interesting experience!

77) I drove to my aunt’s house with my cousin A in the car. We talked about mundane things, and then on to finding apartments, and having children?? I’ve had this kind of convo before, but never with my cousin! It felt odd, like a bit of my childhood slipping away….I like that we are all moving forward and doing things in our lives, but it makes me sad, reminding me that we can’t go back in time to when all we did was play and be silly. Ah well, I’m cool with it.

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