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give up sugar

17 cheers


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CitrusOne has written 6 entries about this goal

Give up sugar: 5

In a store yesterday; offered samples and unthinkingly said yes to them without checking if they’d be sweetened (they were).

Give up sugar: 4

Didn’t eat enough before I ran off to a talk this evening. Ate two cookies there. Oops. Reminder to self: eat a proper supper!

Give up sugar: 3-ish

I have done okay in the last three days (not easy)! So I wanted to write a celebratory entry (not just an entry every time I slip up).

I successfully navigated away from: Christmas cookies and then later chocolate toffees from my co-worker; pie after dinner; adding sugar into my coffee & tea; and, Starbuck’s tempting treats. woot!

Give up sugar: 3

Slice of pumpkin pie split three ways.

Give up sugar: 2

GAHHH! Chocolate chip cookie dough, bane of my existence!

Give up sugar: 1

LOL – a nibble of chocolate with breakfast, anyone?

CitrusOne has gotten 17 cheers on this goal.


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