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'cleansweep' my life up to 100% (

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Clarissa is Clean Sweeping Her Life
  1. 1 This program is part of establishing a Strong Personal Foundation. With this strong base, one can build a vibrant and attractive future. But it requires an investment.
  2. 2 This program is a backdoor approach to personal growth, business success and happiness. Rather than chase goals or try to figure out one’s life purpose, better to get the stuff out of the way so you can get the perspective you need to make better decisions and attract what you really want.
  3. 3 One of the goals is to stop having problems, handle the incompletions you have currently and maintain a clean space, forever, so you can create as you were designed to. The Clean Sweep Program is the first step in that process.

My Scores
Physical Environment 10
Well Being 13
Money 16
Relationships 14
Total 53

Okay so I need to work on a few things!!

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