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get in shape

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I am really struggling with this goal. I Need to re focus and work harder. But it feels like swimming upstream, and it should feel like swimming downstream. when I was younger (high school, university, then first five years working) it was much easier. I am not sure if it is the demands of my job, my body getting older, or what. I am getting to the point where I want to check this goal off as completed or just give up.

I have fucking had it. I am going to get my 12 things done.


home workouts are working out and I actually enjoy them.

Jetzt auf Deutsch!

2 plates x 8×5
4 base balls
antilock brakes

1 + 30×8 x 5
2 racket plus zero
flintstone breaks


My big goal is to work out 4 times per week. I can do this.


Suddenly I like working out at home and I can focus when working out at home. This was always impossible in the past. I will pick up a few more things for working out at home.

Pleased, getting there.

I had a great home workout. I figure I can now work out twice a week at the gym and twice per week at home. 4 times per week should do it.

21 Feb 09

i am working out and watching what I eat. I have really cut back on fat, alcohol, and sugar. I am drinkng skim milk, oj, and vegetable juice like a frigging camel. I have learned a lot about my own schedule and habits and I realize that I cannot go to my current gym more than 2 times a week due to time constaints. I bought some more equipment for my home and set it up in the basement. I avoided this in the past because I had focus problems when workin out at home but I think I am past this now. between home and gym things look good. I am also thinking about changing to a gym closer to my house.

25 Dec 08

The gym has been closed over the holidays so I cannot do much pumping up. But I have been watching my food and trying to get more protein and less fat. Today I tried to check my body fat. According to my scale at home, I am at 22.5. According to the below link, I am just under 20. My goal is to be under 1.Just jerking yer chain.


I need a gym membership close to my office.

Claytons has gotten 37 cheers on this goal.


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