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Be Focused And Determined And Make Things Happen

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Importance of priorities

And focus on and feel determined about those things listed under ‘know my priorities’. The priorities goal shows me where my focus should be, what my time should be spent on, which areas I need to concentrate my thoughts on.

The essential mantra

This goal is a powerful one for me. I have been remembering to think of the words ‘focused and determined’ every day since adding it, and do seem to have achieved significantly more. It is a constant reminder to remain focused on the greater goals, not that instant gratification I have a tendency to reach for, and think of that life I want to live and feel that gritty determination that sweeps aside worries, doubts, insecurities, and sheer bloody laziness.

Determination = Success

An exercise in a self-help book I read some years ago asked you to list all your successes, and then to write down for each one what enabled you to succeed. It then said to look back over your answers, and pick out the key word that cropped up for the successes. The one for me was ‘determined’. This is why, this morning, I have added this goal, and put it so high, because I’m quite pleased now with my choice of goals, but this is probably the key one to motivate me to actually act on them.

I particularly like the phrasing at the end, ‘and make things happen’. Powerful! Make things happen in my life, make things happen for others, exciting! Now I’m cheering up!

I will now log out, and start work – and not go on here until tonight.

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