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Daniel O'Connor in Adelaide is doing 14 things including…

Fix gaim

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Daniel O'Connor has written 9 entries about this goal


Gaim needs a landing page for first time users.

Visit the bug and add your comments.

2.0.0beta4 is out


It looks pretty decent, and there are a few decent plugins that came with the SoC.

Download it and check it out – new, shiny GTK makes it even better.

Joining a Jabber Chat Room in Gaim

It’s currently an utterly horrible process.

Check out the screenshots, and my current attempts to get this rethought.

I wonder if I can actually get people to redo this entire section, or if I should put up bounty money or somesuch.

Usability in gaim vs gaim 2.0.0

Some things are missed in the new gaim…

What else could you do before that you can’t anymore?

Google, AOL, & Jabber

There’s a nice article on the new 5% share Google has of AOL, integration of AIM and Google Talk; and the hire of Sean Egan, lead gaim developer.

Gaim 2.0.0!

It’s here people! Be excited: Gaim

Recent development

News and Summer of Code updates.

Hurrah for the gaim-vv branch being merged back into the code!

A summary of where gaim is headed:

The “pencils down” date for the Summer of Code was September 1st. Here’s a list of some of the spectacular things the Summer of Code students accomplished during their two months. * Rendezvous Plugin (Juanjo Molinero Horno) – Wrote a protocol plugin (PRPL) that communicates with Apple’s iChat using the Bonjour protocol. The Bonjour protocol uses multicast DNS to automatically discover other Bonjour users on your local network. The PRPL currently uses the Howl library for multicast DNS, but we’d like to switch to using Avahi in the future. This in CVS HEAD and will be in the next release of Gaim.
* D-Busified gaim-remote (Piotr Zielinski) – Added D-Bus bindings to Gaim which allow other D-Bus aware programs to interact with Gaim. Removed the old, socked-based gaim-remote executable. It is being replaced by a python script that communicates with Gaim via D-Bus. This is in CVS HEAD and will be in the next release of Gaim.
* Improved Perl Scripting (John Kelm) – Fixed the problems with our Perl interpreter and added support for lots of Gaim’s newer functionality. This is in CVS HEAD and will be in the next release of Gaim.
* UPnP NAT Traversal (Adam J. Warrington) – Gaim will now talk to your router and arrange for certain ports to be forwarded to your computer when doing file transfers. This should greatly improve file transfer success rates. This is in CVS HEAD and will be in the next release of Gaim.
* Gadu-Gadu Support (Bartosz Oler) – Our Gadu-Gadu protocol plugin is now using a much more recent version of libgadu. Many many improvements were made, and this protocol plugin is now working very well. This is in CVS HEAD and will be in the next release of Gaim.
* SIP/SIMPLE (Thomas Butter) – We now have a working protocol plugin for doing IM over a SIP connection, compatable with kphone, and This is in CVS HEAD and will be in the next release of Gaim.
* ICQ File Transfer (Jonathan Clark) – ICQ file transfer turned out to be pretty easy, since new versions of ICQ use the same file transfer protocol as AIM. After Jonathan got that working, he went on to add support for proxying a file through AOL’s file transfer proxy servers, and made lots of other improvements to the file transfer code used by both AIM and ICQ. This is in CVS HEAD and will be in the next release of Gaim. Some of his changes also made it into earlier releases of Gaim.
* Music Messaging (Christian Muise) – Music Messaging is a Gaim plugin that allows collaborative musical score editing. It uses the SoC DBus Gaim project to link Gaim with a score editor that is geared to use this functionality. This requires the DBus plugin to be operational. This is in CVS HEAD and will be in the next release of Gaim.
* SMS PC-to-mobile routing over Bluetooth (Mel Dooki) – This project does not releate directly to Gaim, but we thought it was neat. Mel wrote a Java client that runs on a computer. The user types an SMS, the client transfers the message to a cell phone via Bluetooth, then another program on the cell phone transmits the SMS. See the SMS Routing over Bluetooth webpage for more information.
* Crazy Chat (Charlie Stockman) – TODO
* Doodle (Andrew Dieffenbach) – Created a “whiteboard” system for Gaim and used it to implement Yahoo!’s Doodle protocol. It may need a little more work before it’s completely compatable with current Yahoo! clients, but it works fine between two Gaim users. This is in CVS HEAD and will be in the next release of Gaim.
* Collaborative Code Editor (Chisthian Kim) – TODO

Heh: Google is *so* doing this goal
I wonder what he’ll be able to do if he can get a few more googlers using their 20% project time on gaim?

Google’s just hired Sean Egan (the main developer of Gaim open IM client), just the same day Yahoo! and Microsoft plan to link their respective proprietary IM networks.” From the post: “While Yahoo! and Microsoft link their proprietary networks for Instant Messaging, Google bets on Open Protocols to make information universally accessible … Currently, Google uses XMPP/Jabber specs, but they claim to be supporting open server-to-server federation, and work “to hear from other people in the communications industry about how best to build a federation model that is open, scalable”. In fact, there are this month several tests with firms like EarthLink, Sipphone or PeopleCall.


gaim: What's broken?

Articles always seem to be giving gaim shit about its UI.

Very rarely does anyone actually point out a specific problem they can put their finger on, it’s always just “Bad UI /grumble mutter/”.

I don’t think there’s too much actually wrong with the gaim UI; personally. There’s a few menu options in all the wrong places, but that’s about it.

Don’t think I’m right? Got specific problems. Stuff that makes gaim unusable for you? Tell me about it and make me eat my words.


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