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Stop The Oil Peak

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Article of Interest


It's not all hot air...

The solar tower has a home, and hopefully, so will sky windmills.

Both Australian achievements! That’s exciting stuff.

Standby Buttons

BBC News has an article about the standby button and the cost of electricity in running such devices.

Nifty Method for Precooling Buildings

A paper about precooling buildings to save energy caught my eye recently.

The gist of it is you crank up the airconditioner in the morning, cooling the material of the building, then all you have to do is keep it minimally cool, letting it warm through the day.

Blown Over

Shea Gunther has a post about Whole Foods switching to 100% wind power.

Equivalent to taking about 60,000 cars off the road in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, I wonder how much oil they are saving us all.


New York pushes Biofuel.

Look at all of the resistance out there – it’s disheartening to say the least.

I suppose I could cheat...

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here’s a lot of nagging.

More Nukes Are Only A Good Thing

I’m keen for it.

Japan is doing its bit

Lowering energy costs is a new marketing ploy.

Tricked out pimpmobile!

... of a house. For sale. $250,000, in Canada.

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