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28 March
  • Good food & drink, & great conversation over board games, with AR smile

27 March
  • “Required Fun” with colleagues after work grin

26 March
  • Working supper with a colleague (BMc) smile

25 March
  • Lunch with W: yummy (but oooh, spicy!) pizza, at his favorite little pizza joint smile

22 March
  • Book club meeting, with about 15 people attending (two-thirds of whom had read the book), with shared “pot luck” food & drink, good conversation, & board games smile

21 March
  • Pleased to join four of my most supportive women colleagues for a semi-annual social event (that I coordinate): supper out together at a favorite local restaurant smile

20 March
  • Late lunch with a colleague (SJ) & one of our friends (BZ) smile

18 March
  • Late lunch, strong coffee, & lots of good talk with a friend & colleague smile

17 March
  • Lunch with a woman colleague (who’s become a good friend!) smile

15 March
  • Museum visits with RJ&W, including a car picnic mid-day & a stop for ice cream while traveling home this evening smile

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