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drink less alcohol

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Last week I saved like 40 bucks and did well for the most part. I kinda fell off the boat a bit this last weekend, we had a big company party, free booze, you know, headache the next morning and then some hair of the dog to recover. Overall I am happy with my effort, this next week I will try to improve just a bit more…day by day :)

yay for me

I am proud of myself, so far this week I have drank far less than usuall by this time. I have spent about 70% less money on beer this week and have taken two full nights off. I must keep strong as the weekend is approaching and just focus on football sunday as my beer drinkin time. If I could keep this pace up I will be really happy.

This must end

I must see this goal through. It’s getting real old fast. I am finding it so hard to do this. I have no self control and rationalize in my mind why it’s ok today to drink. I wake up almost every morning mad at myself but by afternoon I am ready for another go at it. I want to do this but it has been a part of my life since I was 16 and it’s hard to cut back. I don’t want to endanger my health anymore than I have. I have so many interests but they go by the wayside as I am usually drunk every night. I feel like a loser cause I can’t seem to get it together. I’m not drinking tonight mostly because my body feels like I have the flu from this last 2 week bender. This sucks.

Am I retarded?

I just don’t get it. How can you want to do something and just never do it? I want someone to kick me. This is lame I failed yet again.


Day 2 still doin good, for me that’s good OKAY :) Had cravings but drank a big ice cold glass of green tea and that seemed to curb my craving for something cold, the rest is history!

This is it!

Today I wrote out my goals for this for the next 4 weeks. I hope to stick with it the best I can and from there I can set new goals, wish me luck!

I need to do this!

Mainly for my health and secondly it’s costing me too much money. It’s my default if I have nothing to do, I’ll just drink all day, I can’t do this anymore it’s retarded.

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