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Here’s a picture of my adorable Leeloo!!! :)


So a little over a week ago I went to a nearby animal shelter and adopted a lil’ 10-week-old female gray tabby (she a bit of a carmel brown to her also)!!! I named her Leeloo (anyone know where that came from?). She’s so cute, and way energetic. The only downside is that she has her claws, but we’re gonna try and figure all of that out.
She’s really soft and affectionate, and just adorable. I couldn’t be happier, and having her definitely has improved my mood!!!
Definitely a goal that was totally worth it. Its therapeutic, gives you a companion, and just something adorable to spend time with! I’ll try and remember to upload my pictures soon.

Almost There?

So I wrote about how my boyfriend and I live upstairs in his parents’ house. There are only two rooms upstairs, and one of them is our bedroom. the other one we were going to clean out (it was kind of a storage room where everything got thrown) and then the entire upstairs would be ours. This other room will be an office/media room for me to do my homework and study, and a place to play video games and watch movies, etc.
Well, we’ve cleaned the room out, painted it, the carpet is getting put in this coming week, and we’ve already had a desk and chair delivered to the house.
So I’m praying that his mom will let us do this…because we paid for this new carpet, and basically everything that’s going in this room.
She even said that when she gets to redo the one room downstairs she’s going to lock the cats out of it. :(
I really, really, REALLY want this cat. I’ve been reading up about taking care of it and everything.
If you have any ideas to help me convince her and help me out, ppppllleeaaassseee share! Thanks!


I’ve been living with my boyfriend for a couple of weeks now. I’m loving having the cats around!!!!
We think we may be getting closer to convincing his mom to let me bring a kitten home. I’ve been cleaning the litter box…and she gets (jokingly) mad when I beat her to it. I play with the kitties and feed them and keep the water dish full and clean. I’m not just doing it to get on her good side, cuz I love the cats. But, we’re hoping that when we get our other room cleaned out and made into an office-type room, we can convince her and tell her that I’ll keep the kitten upstairs and take care of it so she doesn’t have to worry about a thing.
It would just be the coolest to have a lil’ kitten…plus I’ve read that for people whore are depressed or manic depressive, its a help to have a pet for the responsibility and companionship. :)
I’m crossing my fingers!!!!


I’ve never been able to have a cat, because my brother is allergic to them and my dad hates them. My boyfriend has two and I love them to death. I’m going to be moving with him in the fall, so I’ll have cats around…but I want one of my own!! The most I’ve had is a hamster, hehe :P

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