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be more informed about politics and current events

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Rest in Peace, Jack.

Although I wasn’t super politically involved, I really did like Jack Layton from what I knew of him. I think he was honestly a good guy, who passionately tried to give Canadians something better. Even his opponents liked him (or maybe that was just for public face).

It’s a real shame… just when he was gaining some ground too. “You were our hope, Jack” someone wrote, and I agree with them.

May Canada do well without you… though needless to say, you will be dearly missed by many.


One small difference.

Voted for the first time today!

I’m gonna try to prevent this from being a one time thing and keep in touch with political activity… somehow. I find that talking to people who know their politics is a lot more effective than reading off a newspaper or online news. Although, talking about politics can get a little risky. :o

And wow, to Osama Bin Laden’s death… I heard it on the radio this morning when driving to work and I actually thought it was a false report…


The election is happening in less than a month! No more political deafness! Time to tune in, and discover what’s happening to the country… and why. :O

Someone mentioned the other day (I think they were quoting Rick Mercer) that one of the reasons why student fees are increasing every year is because the government knows that the student population does nothing to stop them, which is sad but true.


I signed up to be an illustrator for the campus newsletter. Even though I’m not actually very involved (because it’s more like volunteer work), it might make me start reading about current events.
And the editors want drawings of political figures, which I’d probably have research if I want to depict them properly…

Before it becomes History.

I guess my first step would be watching/listening to the news every now and then. How about once a week?

Things to get know about:
- Obama
- Sarah Palin
- Milk from China
- Municipal elections
- Gas prices

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