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In this case, more nature and light in the main bedroom.

This bedroom had similar problems to the other one except the curtains are rich red, gold and beige. Sometimes the room seemed rather dark and serious and I wanted to find ways to lighten and liven the mood in there. Things I’ve done:

1. Moved the bed so that from it we have a view of the trees outside instead of the busy intersection to one side that used to be our morning vista.

2. Bought new white sheets to replace the intense red ones we were using – room seems much lighter and fresher now.

3. Moved the antique dresser away from in front of the window to another wall so that it’s mirror now holds a reflection of the mountain. Very cool effect. How often can you bring a mountain peak into your bedroom?

4. There is now nothing in front of the window – it’s just a big, open, light-entering space. Our bed faces it and every morning I get to sip my coffee in bed, stare at the trees and soak up the morning light. What bliss, what luxury :)

5. Put a plant on the dresser and have taken to keeping a vase of brightly coloured flowers there too. The flowers add a bit to our weekly expenses, but are completely worth it. They add life and vibrancy and a touch of special love for our home. They are one of my favourite improvements.

6. Took all other furniture out of the room including the bookcase. The room now feels like it is more open and much neater somehow. We also removed all technological gadgets. I couldn’t believe the difference it made. It is by far the best improvement of all.

7. Put everything else away. Nothing is allowed on the floor, not even shoes. We leave them outside in the passage. Nothing is allowed on the dresser. I even put the book I’m reading away in the top drawer every night. There is NO clutter or mess WHATsoever in that room and it has made a HUGE difference. Now we just have to kep it that way :)

When I get new batteries for my camera to be able to turn it on, I will upload my own picture – this one’s just a stand-in.

New flat, horrible bedroom

My new bedroom is horrible. Dark brown carpets, white curtains, bare walls – need I say more. I need to find a way to make this new space my own.

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