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lose 10 kg

24 cheers


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Cornucopia has written 12 entries about this goal

2 down, 8 to go

I’m feeling good about this. I’ve kind of had a break from this for about 4 weeks and I’ve managed to maintain my results in that time (which is good and a relief!). So the next step is to keep trekking downwards.

Not off track. Honest.

...But the past couple of days I’ve been bingeing. Have I learned no new habits?? Am I destined to sabotage all my good efforts? I have to remember that the overall trend is downwards but I wish I was better than this.


I thought about getting rid of all the other entries associated with this goal since I’m effectively starting again but have decided not to. I’m on such a roll now so it’s interesting to look back at what I’ve written and see the struggle. Not that it’s not a struggle now but it was so hard before and now I’ve made a sizeable dent in my weight loss it’s going to be so much easier to keep going.


Am I ever going to succeed with this goal? It’s been a challenging month (with more challenges to come) and this seems difficult and too hard to continue pursuing right now. Maybe try again in June. Maybe give up on this and add a “Lose 5 kg” goal instead.

Week 5

Loss – 0.4 kg
Total Loss – 4.1 kg

Week 4

Loss – 1.5 kg (didn’t weigh last week)

Total loss – 3.7 kg

Week 2

Loss – 0.4 kg

Total loss – 1.9 kg

Week 1

Loss – 1.5 kg

Total loss – 1.5 kg

A good start:)


this has been hanging round for a long time. I’m getting it done starting now!!

Starting from zero

I’ve got time off in between jobs and I’m using the time to try and turn around some bad eating habits. Long working hours and lots of travel has meant that I’ve got into the habit of eating lots of processed and convenient food. On top of that sugar has always been a problem for me – I eat way too much of it. So after reading a book and being highly motivated I’m going to try eating for optimal health which means whole foods are in and most sugars are out. I’m not going hardcore – fruit is still in (it’s not a problem food for me and the nutritional benefits outweigh any risks) and I’m going to play it by ear when it comes to eating out and just make the best choices I can. I’ve been out to a cafe with someone who was eating sugar free and the interrogation about every item on the menu meant that I think the cafe staff were pleased to see the back of us. This approach fits in with a lot of my other goals so I’m going to give it a two week trial. I can do this for 2 weeks.

Cornucopia has gotten 24 cheers on this goal.


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