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Start running and keep on running

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It's been awhile...

It’s been such a long time since I last went for a run… I think it must have been back in June. However, it’s not something that I want to give up. I’ve been experiencing ongoing problems with having pain in my knees in the last two years, however both my doctor and I think that it may be due to me not exercising enough as I haven’t been working since getting out of the hospital two years ago.

So, I want to still try to work through this and try to get out – even sometimes, regardless of how long it’s been since I’ve last ran… it’s always better than nothing I think.

Monday I went for a 30 minute run with T, and another 20-25 min run last night with him as well. It was at night and it was pretty chilly out, so we ran with sweaters, hats & scarves. It was just really nice to say to each other, we should go out for a run… and to actually do it. It’s all too easy to say “We should go out for a run this weekend”, and then put it off… it helped I think to just go out right that moment when we thought of it. That way there wasn’t as many excuses and we could still enjoy the rest of our evening while being satisfied that we went out.

I hope to go out more, even if it’s getting colder out… I need to tell myself that anything is better than nothing…. always.

Run #9

Last time I ran was about a week and a half ago, but I decided to run with my boyfriend this Friday. I’ve been having a lot of pain in my neck and shoulder this past week (I think it’s a pulled muscle), but I went out anyways. I’m glad I went, it felt like I was accomplishing something.

Wow, I counted the amount of runs that I’ve gone out so far since the end of March… I’ve only gone out and ran 9 times, as well as 2 walks. That seems like as if it’s a pitiful number, but… I have to remind myself that it’s a helluva lot better than 0. The number will add up eventually and I’ll start to feel better about my progress, I’m sure. Maybe adding them up isn’t the greatest idea at first, haha. I’m tracking my progress and workouts on which have been helping me stay motivated. It’s a good way for me to see just how long ago I ran, and that helps me put the pressure on myself to go again.

Hey, on the bright side. I just counted it again, and I realized that even though I’ve had a couple of times where there’s been a couple of weeks in between, it’s still been 12 weeks since I’ve started! 9 runs and 2 walks in 12 weeks… okay, I admit, I do feel a bit better about that now! ...haha :)

Went again today...

Well, I went running on Friday and again today. I hope to get back into it and run more often… I hate when the weeks pass by without me really paying attention. :(

At least I’m getting out of the house and doing it sometimes.

Today was my second fastest time… 2.52km in 20.46 minutes. Might not be the fastest but it’s more important to me that I don’t stop to walk during my runs… so as long as I’m doing at least a jog the whole entire time, I’m very happy with that.

I think when I get to the point of being able to actually run the whole way instead of jog, I’ll add a different section to my route to increase the distance. I’m pretty happy with my progress so far, though!


This goal is starting to be incredibly difficult to accomplish. The weeks seem to pass quickly by before I realize that I haven’t even gone out once to run. It often seems like when I do feel like going out, I look outside and it’s raining and poor weather. I guess I should have expected that, it IS spring after all… derrppp. >.>

I’m having a hard time with motivation and with my energy levels. I don’t want to give up on this and I still want to make it possible!

Honestly I think I have to remind myself that even running once in awhile is better than never going… I shouldn’t beat myself up and be so hard on myself so much. Being an ass to myself about not going as much as I think I should is just counter-productive I think. I should treat myself with love, respect, and compassion… I know from experience how much that helps and how it is a better motivator for me.
I’m doing a good job, it’s better than always sitting at home! It’s supposed to be hard in the beginning, and it’s not realistic to expect that I can jump to not exercising at all, to running 3-5 times every week. It’s going to take some time, and a lot of patience with myself… but I know I can get there if I don’t stop trying…. even if that means that for now there’s time in between each run!

Trying to get back into it..

This past month has been a rough time in terms of energy and motivation for running. The weather went a lot colder than usual for a few weeks, and has only just started to get better yesterday. I had troubles with motivation for a couple of weeks, and it was a little frustrating because when I finally wanted to go out again, it had begun to get really cold out with heavy rain. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t gone running for a full month, holy geez… >.<

Went out for a run yesterday though, thankfully. My moods this past week have been pretty low (I think a lot of it has had to do with the drab weather lately, finally catching up to me)... and I think running helped my mood a little yesterday, which was nice. Taking a break today (it’s my rest day), plus it’s pouring out… Hope the weather’s better by tomorrow so I can head out again.
I’d really like to get back into this if possible!

One nice thing I noticed though, is that I’m still at the same place and actually even improving in comparison to my last workout. I finished my run at 21 minutes (last time was 23), and I did well at my abs workout… managed to finish all the reps and do all of the exercises (though some were a struggle to do). It’s surprised me that I’m still improving even though I took a month off of not exercising… I’m definitely not complaining though!! :)

Did another run today...

My legs have been KILLING me the past two days because of the first run that I did on Sunday. Especially my shins, it was pretty painful to walk (shooting pain every time). I was still in pain yesterday but it was a little bit more tolerable… initially I was planning on running yesterday, but thought I might hurt myself more if I went… so I decided to go for a 45 min walk instead with a friend and the dog to route out where I should run near my house. I found that the walk actually really helped, today I woke up and even though I was still in noticeable pain, it was definitely bearable.

Today I was able to jog/light jog continuously for my whole 20 min run… I’m pretty proud of myself! I didn’t run, but I also didn’t walk either… and right now, that’s the goal :) The last bit towards my house was a bit annoying as it’s slightly uphill, but I still made it!
When I got home, I had some water and rested for 10 min before starting my abs workout. ( is the one I use, and the one my boyfriend has been using for awhile now.
I have no access to weights at my home, so I wasn’t able to do that, but I’m still pretty proud of myself for exercising today :)

First run...

Well, I finally got a decent pair of running shoes over the weekend – so comfy and lots of support! It’s been years since I’ve last owned running shoes (probably last time was around 15), so it was surprising how damn comfy they are to wear.

Went for my first run with my partner today in the afternoon. Took about 20 minutes or so… I did okay, but I seem to have a really hard time pacing myself. I instinctively want to keep pushing myself when I run, so it’s hard not to want to run often instead of jogging, but that just means I end up having to slow down to a walk by the time I get tired. I need to pace myself and have it so I can fall back on jogging instead of walking, when I need to slow down and regain my stamina. That means I need to run less for now, and concentrating on finding a good jogging pace that I can keep up continuously. You must learn how to crawl before you learn how to walk… and in my case, jog before I can run! :p One thing that helped tremendously though, was concentrating on my breathing… deep breaths coming from my diaphragm. It was beneficial and helped keep up my energy. I adopted a mentality as I ran that I envisioned my air as fuel that helped to fuel my body to keep on going. My mentality of concentrating on the continuous flow of fuel into my body helped a lot I think.
Some things to do for next time: BRING A WATER BOTTLE! >.< I desperately needed water when I got back home, I’m not sure why I didn’t even think about it heading out. Definitely silly me, I’ll know better for next time. Even though it was cool out, I was definitely overheating by the time I got home. Also, next time that I go out, I’ll be practicing trying to restrain myself from just wanting to run… and focus on maintaining an even jog for my whole route. Hopefully that will balance me out a little and I can adopt a baseline pace for my body to recover naturally in!

Getting what I need...

Well, today I went out shopping… got some new workout tops & pants, hope to get some shorts and runners later this week.

Got my cardio in yesterday by playing about 40 min of Dance Central on the Xbox Kinect… just to warm up and start getting used to exercising again. Plus I did an 8 min ab workout immediately after, which felt great. Hoping to get out and buy my shoes by Friday… and either go out running Friday afternoon/evening, or at the very least try on the weekend.

Getting started...

Found myself a possible running partner… who better to run with than your boyfriend :) Going to head out this week to buy a decent pair of running shoes so that I can start running asap. I have the motivation and energy to do it now, so I need to get it started before I lose it!

I’m looking forward to this! We’re in the middle of figuring out a workout schedule… mixing in weights and yoga in the week as well as running/cardio… Thankfully I’m not horribly out of shape nor overweight to begin with, but it’ll be nice to start actually working towards getting fit and maybe even toned for once. Even if I don’t get toned though, not that big of a deal to me… I like my body as is for the most part, but I still want to find some kind of exercise that I enjoy doing and can keep up long-term :) Regular exercise will definitely help with my depression and how I generally feel during the week… so I think I’m choosing to do it for all the right reasons (for me)... concentrating on how it makes me feel vs how it makes me look, will help I think ;)

My running goals are a little different than my boyfriend’s, I think… I’m interested in eventually long-distance running, while he’d like to keep it to 20 min runs at a time. I’ll be running on my own time without him as well, so I’m sure I’ll be able to work on my endurance still, regardless.

We shall see if this comes to fruition.. hopefully I can stick with it :)

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