CreativeHeart in England is doing 43 things including…

become a millionaire

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CreativeHeart has written 2 entries about this goal

All Things in Good Time

I will be a millionaire at 29 years old.

On Becoming a Millionaire

Keep in mind constantly: this moment could be the difference between you becoming a millionaire or not becoming a millionaire, so be aggressive and get fighting in the pursuit of your goals.

While I am writing on this subject, I may as well proceed…

To clear up any potential misunderstanding (it has happened before), the reason for adopting this goal is not for the usual desire of accumulating tons of superficial objects and having large swathes of empty living space that is mostly just good for looking at and in elevating one’s social status to ‘super duper cool’. These are things I am not interested in. It is, of course, to provide the opportunities and resources to help achieve my goals and unleash my potential, as well as for being in a position to help out as many people as I can.

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