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submit 3 (three) stories to professional markets

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Cresida has written 3 entries about this goal

Stuck at 1/3...

Well, I managed to completely ignore this goal this year. Outside of my writing, I had a highly productive year. I took charge of a lot of things that I had been letting control me. I’ve become an active participant in my overall health (existential to flesh and bones). And in all of that time, I managed to keep pushing my writing to the side. Therefore, I do not have two more stories prepared for submission…

At this point I’m really thinking I need to wash-out this goal and restart it fresh as a 2008 goal. It’s really important to me, and I have better developed the tools this year to apply myself to it…

no-response from Writers of the Future

Well… we’re nearly a month past the first quarter deadline for the Writers of the Future contest and I have heard back yet. If I don’t hear from them by May 31st, I’ll be sending that story to another contest or market.

After consultation with a friend, a second submission of a story still counts as one story as far as this goal is concerned.

Story number two is currently in revision, and story number three is in the works. I suspect my word counts will go up now that classes are ending.

Writers of the Future (1/3 done)

On 1/11/2007, mailed “Shallot” to the Writer’s of the Future Contest. A contest recognized by the SFWA. Goal: 1/3 done.

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